Lord of Chains !


What’s the game about?

Lord Of Chains is a massive multi player online role playing game. You can pick between God and Devil races, each of these have 3 subclasses each. For example upon registration i would choose “God - Kings”. These are the races used to fight against the Egyptian throne and take down Anubis.

Every hour the game switches between the egyptian Gods and Anubis’s world known as the Devils hour. During this time the races under Gods or Devils will have an increase in statistics.

Do not be fooled, there are many aspects to manage your account which allows you to invest in over 20+ stats. You will alsobe able to invest in flexible experience points, micro management on the market, and other various features that truly let you take control of your account and determine the direction in which you will play.

Furthermore, you can customize your own profile, create your own clan with unique features, as well as many more interesting features within the game. Many playstyles work in the game including camping, exp hunting, building offensive, building for assassinations, etc.

Don’t worry, we have you covered with a unique forum, protection mode and tutorials!

How do races and classes work ?

  • There are two main races: Gods and Devils. Under each race, is 3 subclasses. Each subclass has a unique stat bonus or ability, which can be found below. There are 4 types of stats: Offense, Defense, Espionage Assault and Intelligence Defense. Each one of these categories has several stats under it. These bonuses are permanent and still apply whether it is God’s hour or Devil’s hour. Below is the list of races and their unique bonuses.

God subclasses

  • Psychics: Have 10% increased Magic Health (Defense), Conversion (Espionage) and Vision (Intelligence Defense)
  • Kings: Have 10% increased Attack Damage (Offense), Vision (Intelligence Defense) and Execution (Intelligence Defense).
  • Guardians: Have a 10% increase to Defense stats (Physical and Magic Health/Shielding)

Devil subclasses

  • Demons: Have 10% increased Magic Piercing (Offense), Transfusion (Espionage) and Vision (Intelligence Defense)
  • Zombies: Have 10% increased Magic Damage (Offense) and Magic Shielding (Defense) and Interference (Intelligence Defense).
  • Djinns: Have 10% increased Magic Shielding (Defense), Intelligence (Espionage) and Stealth (Espionage).

Fun game to play while playing other games :smiley:

Head over to lordofchains if interrested!

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