Lore Idea: Andrestrasz

Andrestrasz is a NPC Red Dragon which can be found in Ahn’Qiraj and has been there sleeping since patch We don’t really have any idea why they were added, and recently players have been teleported to him using the toy [ Experimental Anima Cell ]. I think that it would be really cool for something to happen in Dragonflight related to this guy. The only piece of lore I found of this guy is on Wowpedia with the following

After the Fourth War, Rexxar tracked him and with Zekhan passed by the empty Oceanmane Village and entered Andrestrasz’s lair, as the mok’nathal wanted to follow up on rumors of the dragon. Perhaps bored and lonely, Andrestrasz let them live, and Rexxar asked him why he stayed in the village. The dragon insisted they call him Andre, and responded that he couldn’t rejoin the red dragonflight until his old Oceanmane friend returned from his hunt, even though it was clear that the tauren brave wouldn’t return. Zekhan promised Andre to visit him soon, and the dragon promised he won’t roast him the next time.

With the new expansion I think it’d be cool to see old dragons in lore go back to the Dragon Isles and get interacteable in some way, heck make this guy part of one of those crazy secrets like the Hivemind or Baa’l. Anyway, just wanted to put this here to see other peoples opinions on the matter, and if you also thought about this dragon when the new expansion was revealed.

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