Lore question: Fyrakk

So… He’s not dead after all? Firelord Fyrakk? We see him steal Smolderons essence, we see his final words… We see Ebyssians dialogue. Implied connection and thus escape to the firelands? Thoughts?

Sounds awfully close to “If true, don’t care” for me again… I mean, with Fyrakk it never felt very personal, did it? He was more the villain of the week, and I can take or leave another episode with him.

I don’t really think that they meant more than “Fyrakk is becoming more powerful by taking this power”, but you’re right, they could do more with that. And I wouldn’t really be against it. It certainly beats “Well, the Firelands are in turmoil again, we can forget about them, until Blizzard decides otherwise”.

In general the Primalists and their relation to the elements might deserve some attention, or epilogue…

It is stated that he sorta became the new firelord. When a elemental Lord dies outside his/her domain, his essence goes back to the elemtal plane for regeneration. See the previous fire lord.
But Fyrrak has void too… So it will be interesting what happens if shadow flame spreads in the fire plane.

Unless Smoulderon’s essence is still trapped on Azeroth within the axe, it’s more likely Smoulderon has a new pet dragon called Fyrakk back in the Firelands.

Then again, everyone seems to have forgotten about High Justice Grimstone and the Cult of Ragnaros too. So who knows what’s happened to either really.
Maybe their essences could be fuel for a rebirthed Ragnaros similar to how he feasted on Thunderaan, if any ember of the orginal firelord yet remains.

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I know what happened, Belorious.

I know.

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