Loremaster in RP style

I would like to get Loremaster achievement using only one character and to not to go crazy I want do this roleplaying. I am not sure which race and class would be better in terms of lorewise:

  1. Night Elf druid - it looks like a safe bet, but I never convinced myself to this class, no idea why. Maybe it is animal forms issue, because i have no opportunity to enjoy tmogs. Only spec which gives me fun is restoration.
  2. Draenei Paladin - Does that make sense to make Vindicator an explorer and adventurer? How soldier can fit this role?
  3. Draenei Priest - I think it is the similar situation like above.
  4. Pandaren Monk - I guess it is best solution, beacuse of Lorewalkers in lore, but I do not like an idea of kung fu pandas kicking Deathwing.

I am not interested to do this in Horde, It must be Alliance character on Argent Dawn. And any humans (Kul Tirans too) are exluded, I cannot stand this race in game.
Any thoughts guys?
Thank you in advance.

Pick up archeology, make you character curious and inquisitive nature (Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, Daniel Jackson from Stargate) and you could be basically any race and it would make sense.
Yes, even for a Goblin. Knowledge = Money and power

Wow, interesting idea. Frankly speaking it not fit my classes, but rogue/hunter dwarf/worgen may work. I will think about it :wink:

Pandaran Loremaster is not really tied to any existing class, though mage would make sense because apparently arcane usage can increase the lifespan of its wielders.
In general this feat of arcane makes any mage a good fit to be a chronicler because they generally have longer lifespans and the longer you live the more you can study.
As for Draenei Paladin/Priest, I reckon their recent arrival on Azeroth would mean they wouldn’t be as knowledgeable on the history of Azeroth as the other two options. They would probably know a lot more about things like the Naaru, Argus, Outland and things that they’ve encountered before they’ve crashlanded on Azeroth.
Night elf Druid is rough, considering most of them spent milennia sleeping (the long vigil) but they’d probably be able to tell you anything about the emerald dream.

There’s also the exploration/adventurer who simply has all his knowledge based on their travels and sights seen as suggested by Ryoshun outside of someone who would get their knowledge from texts and scriptures

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