Losing the mailbox

Everytime I open the mailbox on retail within a few seconds it shuts before I can send stuff to other characters,has anyone else had this problem. Have opened a ticket about this to no avail, have tried a rescan and repair of all files still nothing. HELP

Have you tried without any add-ons enabled?

Not yet do you think i should lose my titan mail addon?

Those kind of issues are often causes by addons. The fact your using a mail addon too makes me suspect it’s probally that addon causing it.

Try disable that addon first in the character select menu and see if you still get the issue when you log in without it. If it does not happen without that addon enabled then that would indicate it’s the the one causing it.

If it still happens with the mail addon disabled, then try with all addons disabled.

Make sure your addons are all upto date.

Just looked up the addon on Curse and there are multiple reports of that issue you are having with it:

Causes an error in getting and opening a mailbox. When you click on the mailbox, the mail window opens and then immediately closes. It is impossible to get items from letters.

Should also be noted that the addon hasn’t been updated in over a year.

Thank you for that will give it a go later this evening.

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