Lost authenticator for account - name has changed so can't verify ID


Posting on behalf of a friend who is unable to log in to the forums due to his account issues!

Basically my friend lost access to his account about a year ago now. He’s not sure if he got hacked or accidentally added an authenticator but either way he went to log in one day and was prompted to enter his authenticator code (which he didn’t have). He’s gone round the houses multiple times now with the automated ticketing system and hasn’t been able to get anywhere, which is why I’m making this post.

Essentially the problem is this:

  • When you open a ticket with Blizzard to remove the authenticator, you are only allowed to attach 1 photo (ID evidence) and there’s a character limit on what you can say in the box.
  • My friend has gotten married since he lost access to the account and therefore his surname has changed and no longer matches what was on the account.
  • We’re in the UK, which means when your name changes you must send back any official ID (driver’s licence, passport) with the corner clipped before you can get a replacement, so he no longer has any official ID with his ‘old’ name on it.
  • He’s tried to recover his account with some ‘unofficial’ IDs (for example his work ID) but as it doesn’t show his full first and last name, it was rejected.
  • Due to the aforementioned 1 attachment limit, he’s not able to attach both his current ID and his deed poll proving change of name.
  • Every time he makes a ticket, he gets a response asking for more information. The only option is to ‘click here’ to respond with more information… which takes him to the official Blizzard ticketing area, which you have to log in to access (the one thing he’s not able to do!), so he’s never been able to provide the additional evidences/proof required to recover his account.

He’s feeling fairly stuck right now and it seems like the only option is to call customer services, which always has a long wait time. He works on-call so he rarely has the opportunity to sit on hold for ages waiting for customer services. Surely he’s not the first person who has lost access to his account and is therefore unable to access the ticketing system?! What else can he do - isn’t there another way he can get in touch?

He really wants to rejoin for WoW Classic without losing his old account but is almost at his wits’ end.



Hello Aleryight,

Your friend should add his marriage certificate. If there is further Documents needed, the colleagues will let him know.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?


(Dottie) #3

Sorry but your friend is lying, you cannot call Blizzard, they call you.


I’ve called CS when I wanted to merge two accounts I’ve had.
It was a fair few years ago and the protocol has changed now but still, it doesn’t mean that they are lying…

(Dottie) #5

If his friend says that they are waiting on hold for customer services then I’m afraid he is. The ability to call Blizzard was removed a few years ago.