Love is in the air dungeon mount requirement?


maybe i was wrong, i read about this on other forums

(Nimrhys) #12

I just want the forever lovely rose, darn it.


I have it on a few characters. What it should be is transmoggable year round. The fact that it isn’t is… pathetic.

(Dottie) #14

You may be in luck, I still have 12 of them and must have deleted twice that amount.

(Nimrhys) #15

Eye twitches Inb4 I get the mount, which I don’t want.


I have 22 x 108+ chars ready just incase they rise the cap from Legion .


25 x 101 here, if they rise the cap im done.

(Hezar) #18

That rocket is the only event mount i dont have so i dont expect to get it this year either. But i try again with 4x120 and 13x110+ toons.

(Aeula) #19

So long as it can be done by 110+ alts I should have a couple dozen chances per day. I want that damn mount so I can stop doing that damn dungeon.

(Punyelf) #20

I think it’s the only properly rare drop mount in game :slight_smile:


Any news yet? Wonder if i should lvl up my 100 alts or not.

(Punyelf) #22

Generally I’ve only ever seen an update on the day, which is unfortunate if you want to plan in advance.


Oh well there will always be the massive farming next year then.

(Punyelf) #24

I’m hopeful it will still be 98


from last year but they didnt change the brewfeast or headless horsemen so im hopeing it stays the same


I think just about everyone is hoping it stays at 98, and that’s exactly why I think Blizzard will up it. They’re nothing if not predictable.

(Hezar) #27

Minimum level will be 108 this time around. No source, just believe me.


Minimum level is 110. Blue post about it on this thread:

(Hezar) #29

Im in luck then. Got 17 toons to get disappointed with this year.

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