Info on love rocket i found


So back on topic i wonder if we get any news before next week :smiley:


From the Love Rocket! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’ve seen it drop once, it wasn’t me, though. :unamused:


I have five characters above 108, but if it’s 98 again I’m laughing. I have loads of 100+ toons.

(Uldurin) #44

Shame it’s BOP, would be a nice gift for someone special :grin:

(Punyelf) #45

One year it dropped for three guildies. I still don’t have it xD


Got some info back on this one, the Big Love Rocket mount will now only drop from the Heart-Shaped Box that players level 110 or higher receive from defeating The Crown Chemical Co.

(This will also be the case for Coren Direbrew and the Headless Horseman later this year.)

Lvl 110 to farm love rocket
Love is in the air dungeon mount requirement?
(Punyelf) #47

Thank you for the clarification :kissing_heart:

(Dottie) #48

I’m both happy and sad, happy because I don’t have to do it so many times and sad because I have less chances to get it.

(Punyelf) #49

I feel the same xD

Am also working out how many I can get to 110 before the 12th.

(Dottie) #50

I have 16 characters 110+ and it lasts for maybe 15 days so that makes 240 attempts. If I do them all every day.

(Uldurin) #51

That’s some dedication :smile:

(Dottie) #52

I could get lucky and it drops before the end. I also need a new trinket for some characters.

It’s more something to do rather than an obsessive attempt to get a rare mount.


22 110+ characters on my roster and some more pretty close to 110. Not gonna run with them all tough, there is only so much i can take in those perfume fumes. :nauseated_face:


Thank you so much for the updated info gives me a few days to sort a couple chars out and i got a blue reponse wooohooo and not being told off for once :smiley:

PS i miss your avatar :frowning:

(Punyelf) #55

The first year they dropped it to any char I did a full accounts worth of 50 chars daily. I really really really want it :sob:


I thought this was already a thing tbh. No matter, I already have it hehe


This mount and Mims head are the 2 that vex me the most i would do anything after so many attempts on both to have them now i have 2 dh’s are 105 atm so will level over weekend will give me 23 attempts per day atm on Mims im on 1023 attempts :frowning:

(Uldurin) #58

If it dropped for me on the first try i wouldn’t dare tell you guys here.
You all would hate me :joy:


oh rly thats how it is huh and i see you are finally awake :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t hate you, because it happened to me when I started bothering to do it lmao