Love rocket event

Will you be able to farm it with chars 50-60 or 60 only?

Asking because saw comments on wowhead that the winter veil daily that gives blue reward is for60only

that’s kind of sad to have one month to level all alts, and then getting only consumables from the blue gift.

I’ll prolly just do it with my main. The drop chance is so astronomically small that honestly I don’t think it matters how many characters you farm it with, if you get it you get it with 1 and if you don’t you wont get it with 100.

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need a blue reply here

We’ll find out soon enough!

need a pink trasmog for it first :rofl:

Probably saw my comment on there as well. Seeing winter veil is lvl 60, assume the love rocket is as well unless they patch it.

I had prepared an army of 50 lvl 50’s this year, most of those specifically made for the event. So I can tell you, I am quite annoyed on this change.

meny events needs 60 now days and u cant even solo like xmas event boss u cant solo nomore … it is fun to solo elites and bosses as rogue when they immune to all stuns and CCs :frowning:

they will lose my sub money for feb if that is the case

Typically it’s minimum level to current expansion, so most likely 48-60.

Why is Xmas present locked to 60 only?

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after 8 days waiting i got a reply…fingers crossed they dont chocolate fondue this up

also wondering why GMs have to rely on third party site to obtain information on the game, on an event that’s coming in less than a month. like …is wowhead the official wow site or what?


This has been the go to for GM and CM’s answers for years now.

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