Love the Arms fantasy, hate the gameplay/rotation

Out of all the classes I have played, I really love the idea of being a simple, blade-wielding warrior that out skills their opponent through sheer skill and mastery of the blade. This is why I originally started as Arms, as the description for the class is exactly that.

Why is it then, that the gameplay of it is anything but. In reality, you spin like a mindless maniac with Bladestorm or Whirlwind and really just have underwhelming abilities that do not feel like they work to enhance the spec fantasy as described.

Things like Mortal Strike and Execute feel better (especially Execute with the 35% talent), but still leaves quite a bit to be desired. It’d be great to see some abilities with completely new animations that let you do wider slashes or arcing cuts - making you feel like a true master of the sword, especially for AoE and such.

Anyway, this is all just my opinion and perhaps a bit of venting of my frustration. I really like the concept of the spec but after playing it for a while I found it came short as far as gameplay enjoyment goes. Perhaps some of you have a similar view or maybe you disagree completely and think that it is fine as it is? Just wished to see some thoughts.


I love arms too.

And its lack of Fantasy (which I agree) is not the only thing wrong with this spec. Its true that we spend too much time spinning and not enough time cleaving.


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Im going to main arms in s3 i love it bladestorm wont be a thing will be skullsplitter even in aoe . They should bring Condem that buttom was so nice to press feels good but no they give us spear of bastion. :roll_eyes: hope with rework they bring back condem

I feel exactly the same way!

I tried Arms, but was shocked to find out that the only viable spec was to take the “double bladestorm” and use this in single target.

My expectations were that MS would crit for a lot, etc., but it turned out you play with basically 0 crit and MS doesn’t hit that hard at all. Overall, pretty disappointed .


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