Low fps during in game cutscenes

As in the title. Once the cutscene starts, it looks like it plays in 15fps max, while the game is running flawlessly. What is is caused by, are there any settings that will help me with that?


Did you find a fix to this?

this is annoying Ive had this since the latter end of legion - suddenly my amazing fps all the time when to horrible 30 fps (estimating), choppy, vomit inducing cinematics


and ill say all posts on the forums ive noticed related to this issue (and there’s a few of us) have been ignore by blizzard, never seen a blue post on it. Something has clearly changed to affect so many people in the same way.


Glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. Yes it seems like the FPS goes down to like 30 in cinematics. I hope Blizzards responds to this.

I can confirm this is still an issue in November 2020. I get low FPS and the cinematic pauses for 5-10 sec every 5-10 sec with a black screen. Really breaks immersion :confused:


I havent found a solution but it seems its working better in shadowlands. Also i think the case is that cinematics are made in standard 30fps like in the movies and so it doesnt synergize with the game, but i might be wrong