Low fps on good hardware

I have a zephyrus g15 gaming laptop with RTX 3080 and ryzen 5900s. I am getting around 40-60ish fps sitting in oribos(with the graphics slider on 6) and only getting around 20-30 fps in raids. Is it my machines problem here?

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First of all, with such a hardware you can easily just turn all the graphics to max (10). Forget the slider saying 6 is recommended, it’s not true at all.

Have you checked out if you accidentally do have Vertical Sync on? It would totally explain your max 60 FPS.

Press Esc - System - Graphics - Vertical Sync. If it’s on, toggle it off (disabled). After that go to Advanced and disable: Max Foreground FPS, Max Background FPS and Target FPS.

I would also advice you to download NVIDIA GeForce Experience application and download the most recent Gaming Drivers for your RTX 3080.

I’d have Ryzen 7 3700X and RTX 3060Ti and playing with Ultra graphs set-up by GeForce Experience. You can use it to automatically adjust graphs to all of your games.

Let me know if it helped. o/

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