Low frost dk damage

Is it just terrible or what? Im nearly full pvp gear, need just one more piece of gear so difference wont be massive but atm my obliterate hit for 35k damage crit with dual weapons and 45k with 2h weapon. I remember well when I fought frost dk with my hunter and he was doing 80k obliterates with 2h. How? What I am doing wrong? I have ever talent to boost obliterate damage. Honestly, I have no idea how to reach 80k. This fight took place in the open world.

With 35-45k obliterates its basically unplayable while fury war can hit like 70k non crit odyns fury…

i’m doing 60-80k obliterates with my current gear. and i barely have crit.

Honestly i also noticed disappointing damage in aoe for the obliteration build, but st damage seems fine enough.

But for aoe i literally need to blow all my cds in order to actually do good damage.

You really don’t wanna use 2h for frost though, whether you have obliteration or breath.

Basically without cds frost aoe is pretty bad, and most aoe comes from remorseless winter.

I just wish glacial advance worked like it did for the tier set.

I have no screenshot but i did a 105k obliterate on a ret paladin today in solo q
I had everything up with on use trinket though.

Thx for answers. I’ll try find a solution :smiley: But is damaging trinket really that necessary to reach high obliterates? I mean, atm Im using standard battlemaster with health but it gives me flat 450str. Damaging trinket will give me probably around 1k str for some time but with haste or crit. Or maybe there is also trinket with +str and on use increase of main stat?

How much mastery do you have ?

Well… not much. I probably wrongly choosed my gear because I have pumpd everything into crit and vers so basically basic class mastery. I wanted to do some damage also without pillar of frost but maybe I was wrong :smiley: How high I should aim? And also how much crit I should have?

Go check pvp me and copy my build and stats as best as you can

But for short stack full mastery with on use trinket and my talents.

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

My record is a double 120k+ Obliterate thanks to Cleaving Strikes. The Paladin healer ragequit the next round.

120k is impossible rn without tierset on a target that has 30% versa
So he probably didn’t have pvp gear or you had tierset

I have the tier set, chest and legs from Vault, both PvP variant.

How lucky can one be?

I need that set then i get even more crit dmg, tauren gets 2% more crit dmg :slight_smile:

Yeah… Took me 5+ weeks to get my first piece from the Sepulcher. I guess i got lucky. Those 15% are noticable, can’t wait til i get 4 pieces and can just get those double KM Obliterates.

Roll tauren u get another 2% ?

I always preferred Unholy.

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