Low legendary drop rate

Thats a fair point. But really, Monk tanking is really fun! It’s a great challenge of trying to balance your agro and survivability at the same time. Please give it ago when you get a chance, you’ll love it once you get into it.

I also don’t tank raids either, despite maining a Prot Pally for M+. But then, I don’t really focus raiding anymore anyway… it just stopped being fun for me.

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No cubes no game :sweat_smile:

I checked and… I legit do have the #1 tanking legendary :joy_cat:

But I don’t really want to tank and there’s no room for me to do so in raids :slight_smile: I did some casual tanking back in BfA, like M+8 kind of stuff, but I was running 16-18 as a healer so… you can see where my comfort lies :smiley:

I had issues with Paladins too, lost out on the Bow from Scholo on my Hunter to a Paladin because he 'needed the agility. Of course Paladins can’t use ranged weapons so me and the rest of the guild told him that to spawn the trainer for the bow he had to do some ridiculous stuff. took him a week of wasted effort to realise that he couldn’t use the bow.


Good luck with the paragon mounts in this expansion.

With a hotfix to the game that went live yesterday, we improved the drop rates of Legendary Memories relative to dungeon difficulty. Their Mythic difficulty drop rate is now significantly better than on Heroic, which is significantly better than on Normal.

More importantly – the drop rates for Legendary Memories are much higher in Mythic Keystone difficulties, and they ramp upward with the Mythic Keystone level. The availability of Legendary Memories should increase dramatically next week.


And when will get a fix to the situation of people leaving mid dungeon because their legendary didn’t drop? It is ridiculous that dungeons are now member leaves after first boss > wait for replacement > next one leaves after seconds boss > wait for replacement. Or worst case scenario; there is a group of 3 or 4 who leave after the boss doesn’t drop what they want.

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It’s severely annoying if you just want to do your dungeon world quest and your tank & healer leaves after second boss because the legendary recipe (or soulbind or anything) haven’t dropped. It’s the same story as in WOD with Garrison Inn quests. These were quickly hotfixed to include defeating the final boss, as this was so widespread that it actually broke the LFD system.

Yes I can do that in M0 too but i’d like to keep my M0 lockout for guild group instead of going into that with randoms.

It needs to be fixed, it’s really bad.

Please make it 100% drop chance. There’s no reason to layer another farming mechanism when the items and currencies need to be farmed anyway.

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So ridiculous to see people complain about these legendaries. Legion system was infinitely worse, comparatively all you are asked to do here is to run whatever dungeon X amount of times till it drops, how bad can it be? Still people whining cos they don’t have their BIS a week into the expansion… I miss those days where you had to put actual effort into obtaining a legendary item (vanilla, TBC, Wrath, Cata) instead of it being handed to you for running a normal dungeon and paying a subscription.

very good change. much appreciated. I have a question though. Does being id locked on mythic makes the legendary unobtainable on this week(from the mythic dungeon)?

Only ran spires for hours?
Only hours?


Sounds easy if u look at all the different covenant stuff u need to do for every mount.

Well that teaches me not to make topics at work…

First run on heroic tonight the darn thing dropped :joy_cat:

I am glad the rate has been increased, good to know it was not intended design that some players be running tens-hundreds of times :slight_smile:


Blizzard say nomore RNG for legendary. This is RNG. Yes better way that legion, but still RNG. Actualy i am sick from Sanguine depts. One dungeon to infinity …

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I think everyone who did the pre-buff grind will have one dungeon they hate now :joy_cat:

Guess I’m lucky. I know people who went through 2-3x as many as I did, and I’m sure others will need a number of heroic or mythic runs still to get theirs. But at least it wasn’t intended design that it be quite so awful :smiley:

Halls of Atonement first run and memory drop … :-1:t2:

Its just second week of the game and you all want bis items and legendaries… Wth happend to this community

Just did a mythic 0 and there were like 5 legos drop in 1 run . It’s fine now.

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Yep did plagufall run M0 and got my BIS single target memory. Seem drop chance is very high for M0.

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Does this include getting them from PvP?