Low level ores and herbs

Attention to moderator: Please could you delete this post for me. It is obvious nobody is ever going to reply to it and would rather it is not on here for all eternity, thanks. Also somebody did reply to another identical post that I posted on a different part of the forum so I have some information about this now.

Hello, since Shadowlands changed the way alchemy and blacksmithing is levelled up I’m guessing there is no more demand on the auction house for low level ores and herbs like copper ore, tin ore, peacebloom and wild steelbloom?

I’m on a free account so can’t look at the auction house to check this. Last year when I was also on a free account and able to see the auction house (before this got changed) I could see there was still demand for low level ores and herbs and they could still sell for a decent price. However I’m guessing this has now all changed if players do not need these items anymore?

I am aware characters on a free account aren’t able to buy and sell stuff on the auction house.

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