Low Server Population


Combined population on all 3 servers is really low for quite some time now and i doubt anything will change withouth either a server merge or free transfer to another server.All 3 of these have like 1 guild that actually clears mythic and other guilds either transfered somwhere else or went inactive. Just by looking at the WoWProgress page you can see that Alliance has barley any presence on the server and there is only around 4k players across 3 connected realms.

It would be really nice if something could be done about this and not have the server sit dead and players be forced to pay to transfer to have a chance at playing the game normally.


Mmmmmm not sure if low population issue matters now that sharding system is active tbh

It matters since you are limited on actually raiding mythic until its crossrealm and you cant trade anybody who isnt from your realm in the raids.Cant join guilds either


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