Low texture resolutions - pixelation - Not Fixed!

Yeah me too

I have the same issue.

Same pixel stuff the above worked for me too.

It seems to be the world texures rather than the ones effected by texure filtering. (in oribos it effects the walls and pillars but not the flags)

Disable target fps under advanced settings and the pixelation will be gone.


There was a small update once I logged in today, so I decided to set my setting back to normal. Seems like everything is fine now, no pixelated environment so far.

I have the same problem, even after todays patch. Setting the graphics to low and then high again doesn’t help -_-

Disable target fps under advanced settings and the pixelation will be gone.

This worked, thanks Kiyuki

I just disabled the target fps and also put MSAA 2x. Now is way better! Thanks

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Those workarounds didn’t work for me !

Did you disable “target fps”?

I have the same problem. Neither of the above workarounds work.

However, I have found “Particle Density” turned to off fixes it. However, I should be running on ultra so not really acceptable…

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Correct ! Something is broken as until now with ultra configuration we all didn’t have this problem. Hope devs will look into it soon !

Yes of course ! Disable target fps, also MSAA x2

Hey all. So far as I can see this should have been hotfixed yesterday. Please go to the launcher, click the cog wheel and select ‘Scan and Repair’ to make sure the hotfix was applied properly.

If it’s -still- not working, please make a ticket and ensure it includes the following info:

  1. What steps you’ve taken so far to fix this, including scan and repair.
  2. Specific examples of what objects are showing as pixellated (IE, location, what item it is)
  3. Your MSInfo file

We can then start tracking the problem more easily :slight_smile:

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I though this thread was made about the FPS issues on PC, not pixelation. So where do the ppl with FPS issues on PC since new patch go now ?

I doubt pixelation is at fault for low FPS. Pixelation means more FPS, not lower since it’s easier for your hardware to process.

ok since i got banned for using the f word… and my thread being closed im using this one: for me the pixelation bug was fixed for one day. then a second patch came and it f’ed it up again. the only solution to this right now is turning target fps off (as it was done through the patch already). well this is not a fix its a workaround so the problem still is there. (3 days and 2 patches into the original 9.0.5 one).

Any news guys ?

Dont start with your generic bs none of it helps in the slightest

So we get pointed to this thread for FPS issues on the pc after patch 9.05… but no response and blue says it is fixed…
This is getting really annoying…

Sadly they did not change a thing yet…(FPS issue) !!!
Anima conductors in Aerdenweald, Bastion and Maldraxus still cause severe FPS drops when activated and SoA is still as crap as before…
This needs some attention real quick because permanent activated anima conductors ruin the game experience AND omg if you happen to activate one… then you get a 20 fps drop at least…
Also i can’t even enter SoA and run it without getting nauseous…

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OMG fix it already!! Can’t play the game I love and PAYING for after 9.0.5. I’ve tried everything you said and nothing works or fixes it… Just revert the patch and go back to 9.0 please so I can play with my friends again…

Bumposaurus rex, pls fix issue or no more yachts