Lower than expected FPS during raids


I’ve recently bought a new PC, with an AMD Ryzen 5 5600G CPU, and a Rtx 3060 Ti, aswell as 16 gigs of RAM. I play on a 1440p monitor.

Raiding mythic has been bit of an issue for me however, where even at okay/low gfx, during heavy aoe/openers my fps drops from a stable 60 with G-sync to even as low as 35 fps.

I have cross-disabled addons, and dont believe this to be an addon related issue. My windows and my drivers are up to date.

As far as im aware, with my specs, I should be able to raid even on higher gfx settings, with fps never dropping below 60, so this seems very odd to me. Anyone had similar experiences?

not realistic unfortunately. nightmare scenarios in raids will drop you low, some worse than others. sometimes addons can make it way worse, but it’ll never be great no matter what you do.

brought up a recording from denathrius progress with the first add wave in phase 1, was the single worst example recently. lowest i see there is 24, but then i was getting way better performance than most. many people said their game basically froze when those spawned.

adds die and it’s 65. second add wave appears and it’s 44. random time in phase 2 82 fps. it varies a lot is what i’m getting at. i have a 9900k and a 3080 and i play on mostly maxed setings.

you should be able to bring the graphics back up though, doesn’t matter very much. this is a cpu issue that you can’t fix, only mitigate.

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