Lucy the Cat crashes my game

As per title,

in Live WoW every time I click on Lucy the Cat pet, the game crashes for me with an critical error message.

Is there any solution without repairing the whole game?
I can live without that pet but it would be cool to use it.

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That sounds highly unusual, and we don’t really have anything on our radar that’d link interacting with a specific pet to a full crash of the game. That said, if some of the files that happen to be used for Lucy are indeed damaged in your game installation that’d quite possibly lead to results much like this.

Scanning/repairing the game would be a good first step here, and clearing out any addons (as some of them can be tricky when it comes to pet interactions) would definitely also be worth a shot. :slight_smile:

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Same problem here, repairing the game and disabling addons does not fix it.

The actual issue is, when trying to pick up and move Lucy’s icon around, instead of showing Lucy’s the cursor shows whatever last icon was moved (be it another pet, an item, an ability…). If no icon has been moved since launching the game (not just connecting your character), the game crashes.

So as a workaround, always pick any other icon up before trying to move Lucy’s.

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:thinking::thinking::thinking: yeah repairing doesn’t work.
What do you mean moving an icon prior? Any icon? Moving a pet to the action bar and then try to do the same with Lucy?

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Yes this, or even just moving any item in your inventory will prevent the game from crashing when moving Lucy!

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