Lunacy Horde Hellscream

Howdy everyone. For anyone that played the original game on Hellscream many years ago you may remember a guild called Lunacy that was formed from Nocturne / Dread Guards / Hordic Legion. We were one of the first Hellscream Horde guilds to farm MC & BWL.

Back then social media like Facebook was in its infancy, and consequently many of us guild members lost touch when people stopped playing etc.

Some of us former Lunacy members have recently created a Facebook group for former members to chat and catch up, share old memories, post old screenshots, let everyone know what you’re up to these days etc.

If you were around back then we would love to hear from you! The group is called ‘Lunacy Reforged’. If you struggle finding it, drop me a message on here (or you can try ingame, but I’m not online very much).

Catch up with Tigerpig, Donjuan and many more!

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