Lunarwing flight form

Hi, whilst waiting for shadowlands I decided that this was the right time to finally get my lunarwing flight forms.

Reading online it appears that you have to complete the legion Broken Isles questlines, which I have nearly completed. However there are two, Defending Broken Isles and Championing Our Cause which are stopping me. No invasions have appeared or champion quests dropped since I got the quests a week ago. Does anyone know if they have stopped happening or is it just bugged for me?

I’ve been working through doing this for each class as a stupid ‘complete before Pre-Patch’ challenge, and can confirm that both these steps are still active.

Legion invasion timer can be found through Google (unfortunately I’m not trusted enough to post a link :expressionless:) which will tell you when the next invasion is happing - at time of posting, one should trigger in about 2hrs 35mins.

The Champion quest you should be able to pick up from your Order Hall once you’ve completed both the class campaign and the relevant steps of the Broken Shore questline - one thing I’ve tripped over a couple of times is not completing the weapon upgrade quest after the one which rewards your Order-Specific title, which you need to do.

Edit: (or why Yas shouldn’t post pre-caffeine)
Championing Our Cause is the ‘complete a Legionfall mission at your Order Table’ one, not the recruit a Champion (oops!). That mostly just relies on you having a mission with the location Broken Shore, sending Champions and successfully completing it. Sorry for any confusion!

Thanks for the helpful advice, I found the Legion timer site so completed that part so now just the wait for the champions mission to drop.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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The champion mission should pop up immediately once all requirements are met. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to complete the order hall quests before it appears.
Oh, another tip I wish I had of known beforehand… don’t just do the required amount of invasion quests - do them all for the nethershards, because you’ll need to give Khadgar a bunch of them in a later quest, and the invasions usually give the amount he needs if you do them all.

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