Lurandra, rogue from Ostrobothnia, is a ninja looter

As the title says, Lurandra was the only person to roll need on the boe dagger Scarlet Kris, which dropped in the UBRS run I was in this afternoon.
Claimed it was a “huge upgrade”, and keep in mind we had 2 other rogues in the group as well.

We gave him the benefit of the doubt, since he’s actually a rogue, however he never equipped them despite the mage in the group asking him to.

Less than 2 minutes after the run was over, he had put the dagger up on AH for 290g buyout, under the SAME NAME.

Lurandra, rogue in the guild Ostrobothnia. Avoid him like the plague, and the guild if he isn’t gkicked. (Talked to Pwif who is apparently an officer or something, and he said they’ll deal with it and said that such behavior isn’t tolerated, but as of now the rogue Lurandra is still in the guild so who knows how it’ll play out.
Just blacklist the guild if they allow the rogue to stay in it, as simple as that.)

The rogue was brought along for their guild’s MC raid the very same night, so they obviously had time to talk about it yet it seems the guild itself condones ninja looting.
Blacklist Ostrobothnia if you don’t want ninja looters in your dungeon runs, as simple as that. They’re evidently ok with their members doing such things.

(Technically the guild is not at fault, so they can still redeem themselves if they choose to take distance from that kind of behavior like that Pwif said is their “official” stance.
So if they just choose to punish the wrongdoer appropriately, then all is good. But if they’re ok with such behavior, then they deserve to be blacklisted from as much as possible.)

Everyone should need on BoE drops. If you all greed some one will ninja it every time.

Actually it’s about respecting social norms, it’s not the many that should adjust for the few corrupted individuals or they’ll just eventually find some other way to screw people over. It’s about rejecting the corruption by punishing the wrongdoers, so just make their lives as difficult as possible.
Hence these kinds of threads.

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I had a chat with Lurandra about that Dungeon run you guys had together, and I handled it with him, he got his warning and loot ban for that MC run on last sunday. I dont see its needed to kick him for one mistake he did.

-Pwif, GM, Ostrobothnia-

Blatantly ninjaing something isn’t a “mistake”.

Thank you for being clear on your stance.

It’s disappointing you choose to go this lenient way, but at least you did take a stance on it as promised.

Indeed. But it’s a PR nightmare for him as a guild leader (which is very stressful even without this kind of drama), so it’s understandable he’s trying to find the best outcome.

So it’s now up to everyone to make up their own minds, however for me this case is now closed.

(Lurandra himself is forever blacklisted from everything I do however, and he’ll stay that way for all eternity.)

Thank you for understanding, we dont tolarate that kind of actions in our guild, but so far Lurandra have been good for our roster, been active and respectful towards the guild, i dont see its appropriate to (/gkick ) him for one “mistake” he did. And please, let me know if something like this happens again in our guild =)

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If the dagger can’t be returned due to being sold, I’d say returning the money at the very least would be a good idea. Ninjaing should not pay off, he has to learn that somehow. :slight_smile:

While the spirit of that suggestion is good, it’s however a bit naive.
Also, I don’t even remember everyone in the ubrs group that time. Kinda hard to do a reroll, so there’s no point somebody else gets gold for it when it becomes just as unfair to the ones who didn’t get to do a reroll.

Anyway, it’s just up to everyone else to decide for themselves now. The Ostro members will have to decide if they’re ok playing with a person like that, and everyone else will have to decide if they want to bring that Lurandra into their pug.


I thought you’d have screenshots for sure. Ah well. :slight_smile:

I don’t take screenshots of a person needing on a boe every time it happens “just in case” something like this would occur. That’s just indicative of trust issues.

But when a person abuses people’s trust in bad faith, then it deserves the hammer brought down upon them. Which Lurandra will have to live with now.

No, I meant screenshots of the person not equipping it after needing it. That’s not “trust issues”, that’s common sense, having proof for something that looks like is clearly going down. People tend to believe you when you have proof. :slight_smile:

Well, I did take a screenshot of it on the AH, if that’s what you refer to. Pwif also confirmed it was up on the AH when I first told him about it, and he also told me I hadn’t been the only one to notify him of this.

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