Lux Aeterna looking for players

Lux Aeterna is a Horde guild on Deathwing - EU (connected with The Maelstrom, Karazhan and Lightning’s Blade).

We are looking for more members to grow our guild. Our motto is: everyone should play this lovely game the way they want to. Low level, High level, just leveling, wanting to raid (future plan), do Mythics or even just hang out with us. It’s all good. No worries about being inexperienced or something.

So far we do not have a lot of rules, the only and most important is: have a good gaming etiquette and we have ZERO tolerance for toxic behavior. Have you been called out for different reasons? low ilevel, low dps and etc. etc. Well guess what? We also have ZERO tolerance about that. Our place is a safe place for everyone and with that I literally mean everyone.

We all have a life besides WoW, but we still love this game to pieces and we feel that everyone deserves to see content no matter what level of experience.

We have Discord where we hang out if not gaming, we run keys, slowly working towards our second group of that. This weekend we hope to run some keys to gear up fresh 60’s!. There’s always something to do.

So, does this speak to you? Hook us up for a chat for more information. You can contact Antionette on Battlenet: Antionette#2766 or Discord: Antionette#8339
or you can contact Ishy#9200 on Discord. Looking forward to talk to you.

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