Lvl 1 Undead Race

Hello Nethergarde Keepers,

Are you ready for another weird event of the year 2020?
Every Undead from near and far gather to run all the way from Undercity to Eastern Plaguelands with no goal other then to reach our final destination: The Naxx land!
Why you ask? Cause we can, take every opportunity to be naked and can leave our axe at home for once!
Wether you run fast or slow, alone or with friends, you’ll make it as long as you keep trying! So make sure to stretch, bend over, then get out there and show the world what us Undead are made off!

1st price: 500g
2nd price: 250 g
3rd price: 100g

Place and time
The gather up is at Undercity bank at 19:45 ST on 27-11-2020 .
The initial race starts at 20:00 Server Time and ends at Flightpath Master in Eastern Plaguelands.

Sign up and Rules
For signing up and reading up on the rules of participation, go to
Or whisper Rayeine/Jinxit of Nomads in-game on server Nethergarde Keep.

Feel free to hang around afterwards and enjoy the ride!

The only Troll that loves Undead.

Bookmarking to sign up at a closer date!

Starting friday, still got space! :slight_smile:

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