Møtiøn Are Back And Recruiting

Yes the rumours are true, Møtiøn has returned ! Back in MoP 2012 we were a very active raiding guild and had one of, if not the biggest communities on Mazrigos and we plan in time to get that back. We never quit playing we just had irl commitments.

But for Shadowlands a select few have decided to make a comeback and get Mazrigos thriving once again as it once was.

We are recruiting right now, working towards putting a team together for when Shadowlands hits. We will be doing Heroic content meanwhile and once we have the numbers we are willing to do Mythic content to build some team chemistry ready for Shadowlands.

If you don’t want to raid that’s fine. If you wanted to focus purely on Mythic+ or just be a social player that’s also fine, We NEED you to help build this community and we have as much heart now as we did back then.

If you are interested in joining us, do not hesitate to send us a whisper

We will be raidiing 2 nights a week
( days are not yet confirmed but we can say for sure that we will not be raiding on Fridays or Saturdays )


We would like to update this post regarding our recruitment progress

Word has spread fast and players are returning to the game and or moving servers in order to raid and play with us once again

Numbers are increasing very quickly in a short amount of time

We would like to encourage anyone potentially interested to get in contact and be part of the growth in order to create a stronger bond and community within


This guild is more like a family than a guild if you ask me!

Have been in this guild for some years and I will never grow tired of how helpful and easy going they are.
We help all guildies with whatever they need and we have a very “chatty” discord with loads of fun.
We have also recently started raiding again, so when we have core raiders ready we will start mythic. Just a couple of more players and we are there

Hope I see you here soon
Yours truly Max!

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a ‘Veteran of the Third War’ or just started playing wow, we are the best guild to help you along your journey across Azeroth!
From pet battlers to mythic raiders, we have got a spot for everyone. So come join our family if you think you got the Møtiøn!

Hey guys, a brief update on our progress

Our recruitment has been going strong and we are close to being ready for mythic progression. We have players with years of cutting edge experience here and players who are experienced in the current tiers mythic content. We are in need of ranged dps and x2 healers to make our team ready

Social players and mythic + players are also very welcome to come join our community too

Our guild is moving full speed ahead and it is safe to say that “Things are finally in Møtiøn!”
We are almost at maximum capacity for our raid team, and our social side is also (Yes you guessed it!) in Møtiøn!
The Møtiøn train isn’t going to stop now that it’s started rolling, so don’t sit on your platforms and catch us before you miss out!

Hi there! Would love to come back in a more active guild and yours looks promising to me. Just a question, any particular class needed atm? Am willing to try most of it just looking for a fresh start personally. :smiley:

Hey there, thanks for the message.

We are quite open in terms of classes though we would like to avoid warriors atm as we have enough. If you were to play melee then DH would be great, a DK would also be nice.
As for ranged, Hunter would be great, we don’t have any Shadow Priests so that’s an option. But as for ranged, practically anything. We not classed stacked as such so ideally whatever you feel your best on or enjoy playing the most

Feel free to add my btag if you’d like to chat more or have any questions

Hey guys, just a quick update. We are now currently 4/12 mythic. We are looking for a couple of dps, preferably ranged and possibly a healer. I say possibly as we have flexibility within the core to swap people around if needed. Feel free to add me and have a chat.

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