M+ l2interrupt

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Just for you


I know the feeling.
The bad are more memorable then the good.

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You should get my wife. If she interrupt and talk 10% as much in-game as irl…the mobs would be silenced 90% of the time.


NEVER!!! Throws flashbang

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How about using voice and set up rotation…?? :rofl::rofl:

Speaking for kids is too hard now a days.:sweat_smile:


one of the best tools for m+ is getting a weak aura for tracking everyones interrupt cd, ofc this only really helps if people use their interrupts…


Yeah the interrupt cd only shows up when someone actually uses it, ive seen it happens so many times when at the end of a run only the interrupts of 2 or 3 people instead of all 4 are shown in the weakaura


Playing druid and seeing people not interrupt important spells so i have to waste CDs makes my brain hurt

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Get raider io, this shows how good people are!


Had someone with 1020+ score

He literally said iceblock & interrupt doesnt increase dps so he doesnt have it on his actionbar

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Dude, this is gold :rofl::rofl::joy:

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Mwuahahahahaha :smiling_imp:

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Eyjafjallajökull still twists my tongue. :slight_smile:

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Whats the weakaura?

And the problem I find with interrupts is overlapping. It also annoys me when other classes stun unless its aoe.


Its the Mythic+ Interrupt Tracker from Wago io


Ah, this takes me back to Cata.

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tbfh honest those were some made up silly words, but here are some real ones I’ve encountered:

Manuel Ejendomsdombehandling

My language is a strange one.

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Dayum! :slight_smile: It sure is!


Dansk jävel!