M+ leaving penalty !?!?

I am so tired and about to quit this otherwise good game due to guys leaving m+. How can there be no penalty of wasting 4 other peoples time for leaving in a m+? You get 1 wipe and people instantly leave.
If you leave a m+ 30 minutes penalty for queing. If you leave 2 m+ in the same day 2 hour penalty. 3 in the same day - 24 hour penalty. So tired of it that there is no penalty for this!!! FIX

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The issue is the complication to it, because theres other times u could argue your forced to leave.

u could be on a run which results in 98 deaths and takes over a hour… for 1 piece of loot its such a Disrespect towards the players time to seriously enforce they stay there.

then u could go further to say, they’ll just AFK ur key if u dont give them the right to leave.

M+ Is a Dangerous area and by enforcing they remain the ilevel requirements to joib and more will sky rocket because players will now go out their way to minimize the chances of such a thing occuring.

its apart of the pug world and i’d recommend avoiding PUGS in trade for finding a guild or something to avoid these situations.


That’s the search button. Use it, like you use interrupts in M+.

To answer your question: never.

To offer a solution: join a guild, a community, or start building a large network of friends. Running with people you trust makes runs smoother, faster, more efficient, and a whole lot fun, with a tiny fraction of the risks. So make sure you run with as many trustworthy people as you can. Had a good run? Ask if you can add them to your friend list. Going on a key? Ask your friend list if anyone wants to come, or have a key they want to run which you could join.

M+ is an advanced content. While game mechanics allow you to find random people for this level of game, it is a big mistake on player’s part to do so. The best way to play this content is same way you are to play higher level raiding. While it is possible to pug heroic and mythic raids, they usually wont go very well due to one simple reason: you got to polish your team for this level.
Polishing team does not take one or two hours, Its a loooong loooong work. It takes time for team to synergize, know each others skills, learn to communicate etc.
The way to play m+, heroic raids, mythic raids, rated pvp is by building a team of people, who are ready to spend time failing and learning to get better.

Add players you enjoy playing with as friends, join a guild, a tight community. Spend your time learning, and improving.

This was a refreshing suggestion.

Then how about that you can be able to cast a vote to forfeit or concede the attempt to complete the key. Is it in a 4v1 favor then the vote is passed, and you can then leave freely without penalty. But if you leave without the vote is passed, you should be banned for 30 minutes to be able to queue up to a new m+.
Not having a penalty at all is ruining the PuG life of wow. I am so tired of this crap tbh, that I almost quit this game. It’s every single day you’re trying to complete a key, some idiot is leaving ruining your key. Spending 30 mins and then 2 packs before last boss, a guy leaves totally wasting your time, and depleting your key. How is that not being punished??? I am 1400 rio, and still people on this rating do it.

Useless. If someone doesn’t want to do a key, they won’t. If it requires a vote, they’ll just sabotage the run until the vote passes. Result: you waste more time, and still not finish the key.

Not really, no. A penalty would ruin it more. Tanks and healers, who are in demand even now, would just stop pugging, because they don’t want to be held hostage to a bad group. Result: even longer time in the queue, and thus, less keys finished.

So do what was suggested in this thread, and in the million others: build a network of friends, join a guild or community (or all of those at the same time), and run with them. No queues, no leavers, but more finished runs, with better performance, and a whole lot more fun.

I tried it, it works.

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