M+ map pool in Dragonflight/SL

My friend, with your kind of progress, you’d say anything to be relevant. Having 4 new/4 old in first season of mythic + pool of DF is a horrible idea. We should have all 8 New dungeons in mythic + pool and some others on the side. Keep the achievement for a SET score and have more dungeons. There’s no point in having just 8. First 2 seasons of SL with 8 dungeons were doodoo, when we had 10 it was SL’s peak of mythic + this 4th season is an experiment but pretty much thought of it as a joke by many people, streamers even.

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It’s nothing new about old dungeons. Also I don’t want to start every season with a Karazhan incident. Yk… Everything is not tuned properly

And now we have final answer for this POS pve system we have in s4.

They are too lazy to invest time into making new dungeons,so they would rather sell dungeons from previous expansion than make new ones.

You go and buy new expansion,just so you can farm dungeons from like tbc or wotlk?No thank you…

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I agree with OG. I don´t like the idea of only making 4 Dragonflight/ no SL dungeons available. Why do you force people to do this? If you made all Dragonflight dungeons available plus 4 random old m+ dungeons that would change every ID. For a later season in game, no problem I think to change the main set of dungeons… but please don´t force us to play time walk m+ that isn´t balanced at all.

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