M+ so easy now :(

2 weeks into the season and im already waiting for next season… Its just so easy to complete +10s, earlier expansion climbing in M+ was a challenge that took most of the season. Whats the point in making it that easy?

M+ is a scaling system which gets harder the higher you push. So i dont know your problem. Just push it to the limit if a +10 is too easy for you ?


I mean, it’s not really surprising. We’ve had the catalyst open from the start of the season, with weekly charges, and by now we’ve had three purchases from the bullion vendor giving us some of the most powerful weapons and trinkets at 528/535 item level. On top of that, we’re running a set of dungeons we’ve already run extensively in the past. Their routing and tactics have been pretty much solved, so there’s no real sense of progression there either.

The final season of the expansion always has the highest ratings. This is pretty much just meant to be a victory lap for us.

It’s still a challenge with an F-Tier spec and no good connections.

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to reach portals?
no its not.

also there are no F Tier specs.

yes some specs are easier than others, but I could pug +10s on any given spec easily on ilvl 500 which is probably 25 ilvl below the current ilvl that many people have

Yes you are an exceptional good player, being able to push with 25ilvl lower than everyone else. Good for you.

Or hes talking crap. Since on his main spec he never did a +10 below 504 I’ll take with a pinch of salt he can just crack them out on random alts at will with less gear.

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yea because 4 ilvl matter so much, lol get you head out of your a**
Some people just want to argue for the sake of arguing. And a potato with 13500 posts that just spills crap all over the forum seems to be one of those :slight_smile:

exceptional players pushed in week one +14s in 490 gear.
what are you even talking about?

There is no reason to do +10s in low gear that’s why I did not do it. As I only pug, you only want to have so much stress after a long work day, right?

If you want to go through my healer alts you can find several +9 keys done with ilvl 485 on my druid or 492 on my priest.

Point is, m+ this season is super easy because with ilvl 520+ you out gear +10s so hard that they became really easy.
In the last 2 weeks I had basically had no failed runs in +10 and the amount of death could be counted on 1 hand.
That is not because I am such a great player or whatever, it is because this season is easy. Getting geared so fast is a big factor in this.

I don’t have a main spec, I randomly play 7-10 specs. I cba about pushing and just like to gear several characters.

yea no, I am a casual player that has no more than 2h time for playing wow a day. I hardly would call my self exceptional or anything.
But lets be honest here:

  1. I know all the dungeons already because we played them tons of times in previous seasons.
  2. You can get trinket and weapon slots easily filled in this season, even if you don’t upgrade them
  3. people know the mechanics usually because the dungeons are known - and this is defacto the biggest factor why this season is so easy. Many people have a slow learning curve and will push to whatever at the end of the season. I would argue that this season people got to that point much faster, be it due to ilvl or due to the fact that people fail much less because they know routes, strats and mechanics.

Besides the argument was that it is so hard to play F-Tier specs (which dont exist) and that you have a hard time to do the max reward content with it. Which is just not true and if it is true for you, you are simply not good enough and found your limit.

its like everyone pretending that wow is a hard game. Before you actually need 100% team coordination in very high keys, it is probably enough to play on 80% of what you character is capable of to time +12s currently.

tell that to the healers with 2.7k RIO queueing into mydungeons and struggling to pull 100k+ hps with a aug evoker in party.

The problem often with the aug is that he thinks he only needs to be there. I did a brackenhide 12 that we stomped, and after that a brackenhide 13 that we didnt time with an aug and we calculated with logs we literally played with 1 less dps player in comparison to the 12 :joy:

I runned an acedamy 8 yesterday on my resto shaman and i outdpsed the aug :face_holding_back_tears:

My issue is more, why are you barely pulling 100k in a 10 more so on whether or not an aug was there, there aint no way even a +8 HOF is being healed, in time. If your overall healing on 2nd or 3rd boss is 120k :smiley:


115k hps on a 10, and since you’re taking expulse damage thats more healing was needed for sure since I’m sure there was lots of other avoidable dmg.

You could have easily timed that with 100k hps if you had avoided damage better.

Or did you just want to moan you had a 2.7k healer in your run once that did bad?

Firstly wow, low blow pulling logs I wasn’t even referring to or thinking about. Secondly, let me re-clarify cause we’re clearly on 2 different pages.

Get out of my dungeon if you think that you’re fine healing this little on healing intensive bosses like in HOF on tyrannical week :slight_smile:

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Didn’t say that, learn to read.

Was just showing 100k is not an unreasonable amount to heal on a +10. Missed the point, colour me surprised.

To be honest, IMO those bosses can be healed by anyone.

The question is : will your mana last or not ? :slight_smile:

What makes them hard is pulling off 300, 400k HPS constantly AND not run out of mana. But 300k can be done by anyone. Just spam random keys.

Its especially challenging for certain specs.

I had 74k overall in a 10 academy today. So yeah, 100k overall should be more then fine (depending on dungeon and affixes ofc).

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I think he means the hps numbers only on the 3rd boss of Halls. Not overall the whole dungeon (however that is calculated). With 100k hps you are probably not going to kill that boss on a +10 :grin:

He can mean what he wants, its what he says that matters.

Affliction locks say hello F-tier ty

Actual scores say otherwise. If you just blindly look at a tier list then more fool you.