[Mac] Fps being lower by 20-30 after 9.0.5 (no addons used)

sorry but this is pc thread and always was. put mac problems somewhere else. tnx.

also who put (mac) in title. i never put that in title…i am pc user not mac

The Blue put the title, and if you read above, there is another link for PC. Now this has been changed to a Mac thread. We have taken over.

Big Sur 11.2.3
M1 Mac
8 Core CPU, 8 Core GPU
8 GB Memory

FPS drops like crazy in all zones for me! Before 9.0.5 patch it was rocking a steady 60 FPS at all times.

Big Sur 11.2.3
M1 Mac mini
8 Core CPU, 8 Core GPU
16 GB Memory

Lost between 20/30 fps since 9.0.5 patch (got 60 fps before).

Apologies for stealing your thread Dellerium! From your original post your platform wasn’t clear and most of the replies were for the Mac issue so other threads were already consolidated here. I’ve changed the title back to clear things up. For PC, please use this thread instead:

Same Problem Here … PC user Win10 x64 … GPU 1650s oc … i really feel like i got less fps … 20-40 FPS less maybe … i checked everything drivers are up to date bla bla bla … pfffffff

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Same here PC user .

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Hey guys, can we please keep this thread for the MAC issue!

If you’re on a Windows PC and are having issues, head on over to this thread:

M1 Mac Mini.
Big Sur 11.2.3.
M1 Processor 8 core, gpu 8 core.
8gb Memory.

I have gone from preset 5 running at mostly 60fps to it struggling to stay at 30 open world on the new Shadowlands areas.
Oribos sits around 18-24 fps.

However when I go to Orgrimmar it goes back to 60 but as I approach the portal to return to Oribos the fps start to dip.

I solved my issue.

System settings.

My window size was on default as usual but for some reason the resolution had changed from 1920x1080 to 3840x2160.
I manually set it to 1920x1080 and my fps was back to normal.

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Even on the lowest resolution I can’t get back to the FPS I had before patch :frowning:

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NO definitly not for MAC only!
it’S a performance issue cause of programming i think! or set up a graphic settinc in the background, who does horrible memory leaks…Same problems here on Ryzen 2700x with 2080 super on latest nvidia drivers
and on another pc ryzen 1500x with 1070


At this point since it happens on such a broad range of hardware, I doubt it’s hardware related, Blizzard. Just revert the stupid stealth changes that you’ve made.


why do Blues answer and get a quick fix for mac but pc users are left creating new threads?

I have the same problem, my FPS seems to have dropped by a lot everywhere and everything is choppy. Before patch 9.05 it was perfectly smooth for the past 2 years since I bought this laptop. I updated my Nvidia driver but no change.

I also DON’T have a mac so this is not just affecting mac users. They broke something with 9.05.

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Are we going to have a fix anytime soon?

This is really frustrating, honestly Blizz - please do something.


Files included.

It clearly has something to do with anima conductor stream animations because on my alts in area’s where i did not activated the anima conductor i have no fps issues.
For the instance SoA (and i read SD has the same problem) there is probably a similar animation in the instance.


Same here. I’m on a MacBook Pro 16", 2019.

I don’t have stats before the patch, but the game was perfectly playable. Now I’m getting 3-5 FPS in most SL zones. I’ll have to wait until the issue is fixed until I can play again.


Any news or is Blizz just hoping the threads will die away and remain hidden in some corner of the forum ??