Macro @cursor with a modifier

Hello, I’m trying to make a macro work for my ground spells that by default they’re @cursor, but if I hit a modifier (let’s say shift) it’ll let me place it using ground target, for my Death and Decay or Heroic Leap. I’ve tried like this
/cast [mod:shift, @cursor] Death and Decay
but it doesn’t work, any ideas?

/cast [mod:alt][@cursor] Death and Decay

Is worth a try.

Hey, it didn’t work, didn’t show the ground target when I hit it

Have you tried /cast [@cursor,mod:shift]?

yes, it didn’t work

Your original macro is correct. The issue is that keybinds take priority over macro modifiers and by default SHIFT 1-6 are bound to Action Page 1-6. You’ll need to unbind them if you plan to use that modifier combination.

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/cast [nomod:shift,@player][] Yourspellhere

You can replace [nomod:shift] by just [nomod] if you want it to be changed with all modifiers (alt, shift, ctrl).

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