Macro for Rift research farm

Hi, I know many people farm the rift for the research, using invite macros for server hopping. Since making those macros can be tricky and annoying(especially when player names have special characters), I’ve created another macro to make life easier. So just run it when party is full, and it will create/edit ‘inv’ macro with all the invites you need

/run p={};s={};z="";
/run for i=1,4,1 do a,b,c,d,e,p[i],s[i]=GetPlayerInfoByGUID(UnitGUID('party'..i)); if s[i]=="" then s[i]=GetRealmName();end;z=z.."/invite "..p[i].."-"..s[i].."\n";end;
/run EditMacro("inv","inv",nil,z,1,0);

forum ruins the macro because of formatting: replace “…” with two dots and replace all " with your own ", because when you copy paste it it might be some other character

/run p={};s={};z="";
/run for i=1,4,1 do a,b,c,d,e,p[i],s[i]=GetPlayerInfoByGUID(UnitGUID("party"..i)); if s[i]=="" then s=GetRealmName();end;z=z.."/invite " ..p[i].. "-"..s[i].."\n";end;
/run EditMacro("inv","inv",nil,z,1,0);

And btw, thanks for making this :slight_smile:

Oh didn’t notice forum formatted it differently. Was expecting blockquotes to work like code snippets and not edit it in any way. Thanks for pointing out, and hope its useful for someone :smiley:
*Edited now it should work fine. If for some reason it does not creates the macro, just make an empty one named ‘inv’, then it will work.

If you wrap in `x3 it’ll make a code block.

Can someone explain how this works because i’ve copied and pasted it but it does nothing?

You make a macro named ‘inv’, and macro named ‘add_inv’.

You copy paste code from above into macro ‘add_inv’.

Now you can put both macros somewhere on your bars.

When you have full group 5/5, you press macro ‘add_inv’ which populates macro ‘inv’ with you current party members.

When it’s your turn to switch realms in group, leave current group, and your just press macro ‘inv’ which invites all people you added with ‘add_inv’ to your server.

Rinse and repeat.

If any group memebers change, you need to press ‘add_inv’ again.


or you download gg ez. type /rfh and it will auto fix a macro for u.


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