Macro Help

Is it possible to make a macro that will

Hotkey Q - Cast Lichborne

If Lichborne is on CD

Hotkey Q - Cast Will of the Forsaken

Nope, but you can get extremely close to it with a castsequence.

/castsequence reset=118 Lichborne, Will of the Forsaken

How does a castsequence work as both spells have no GCD.

Try it and see? It uses them in sequence each time you press the button and the reset makes it reset if it hasn’t been pressed for 118 seconds.

Made this as you said

/cast reset=118 Lichborne, Will of the Forsaken

Set it to hotkey Q and nothing is happening.

Updated the original macro, accidentally put /cast instead of /castsequence

Cheers again for the help man, twice within a week.

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