Macro question

Hello all,

is there a possibility of making a macro where you can cast Death and Decay on the spot or charachter location ? instead of twice on the skill ?



I do believe by context that you are talking about Death and Decay (DD) instead of Bloodboil (BB). BB hits all enemies around your character, it pulses damage in a 10yard AoE around you applying Blood Plague.

DD is the ability you cast that creates a red animated zone that bubbles, that empowers you while standing within it and deals damage to enemies.

If you are wondering how to make DD be instant cast and on your cursor location use:

#showtooltip Death and Decay
/cast[@cursor] Death and Decay

If you want it cast at your location, do a @player.

The macro should also just do the cast instantly, not requiring the double click function.

Hope I understood and solved your issue correctly!

Have a good one and a great weekend :dracthyr_uwu:

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SWEET THANKS a lot I’ll try it directly

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