Maelstrom in DF Talent Tree

So looking at the class tree for DF, maelstrom weapon and flurry can be taken by all three specs
This seems kind of odd to me, has anyone found an application that they could be useful for ele or resto? Because they seem like borderline dead talents to me, especially since enh gets maelstrom for free anyway, it might as well be a level up ability at that point

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It’s utterly useless and really shouldn’t be a class tree talent.

The only way to trigger it as Ele/Resto is either with an auto attack or Primal Strike, neither of which you should be doing since it’s more effective to cast literally anything else.

Flurry doesn’t belong in the class tree either, but then pretty much every other talent in the tree has a feasible use for all 3 specs, it’s just those 2 talents that stand out.

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Think some things will be odd as our class speccs are so different. But yeah pretty much dead talents for ele and resto

its like Lava burst for enhanacement, it currently hits like a wet noodle and doesnt work with maelstrom weapon. its fixable and a bit more relevant but these are just deal talents at the end of the day

i dont like play shaman df reck totaal made even worse now whit out thier set even worse dont feel mobiel anymore

I mean, when i saw the set bonus for enhshaman i didnt know if its a joke or not its so bad words cant discribe it its rng up on rng that what happen when every once said that shaman tree is good like there are like 5 good talents the rest is garbage

The 4 set is 100% dog, even the 2 part is average at best, especially if you dont go for a LL build. Same old sh*t, release the game early and unfinished so they just come up with some crap ideas and roll with it

I agree 100%,but the problem is that is not even IDEA brother :smiley: wtf is this

And here i do not agree. I have played shaman from Vanilla naxxramas patch and it’s very similar still as people tend to forget always few things: Uptime, downtime, GCD, dead globals and while you move as a shaman you either shock, cast heals / stop casting and cast again. There’s simple reason why our Lava Bursts proc from Flame Shock’s and this will be counted by computer as higher dps than as you hard cast it, because of the frequency and time of flame shock generating a proc. Especially in pvp using Primal Strike can do severe dmg to opponent and if Flurry comes to the shaman toolkit then Primal Strike on these close encounters can serve a a kill. So it’s not completely useless and can have sick plays in the end.

What a load of nonsense.

You do know that Primal Strike only hits for 34% weapon damage, right?

On a 291ilvl Ele Shaman, that’s 128 damage, while my melee attacks do on average 245 damage, with an extra 24 damage from Flametongue weapon.

Frost Shock does 1988 damage instantly at a 40yd range and since you can’t be locked out of Frost spells unless you take Icefury, it will always be available.

This is all against characters that have 80-100k hp.

So even with Flurry and Maelstrom Weapon it will always be better to use literally anything else, be it Flame Shock, Frost Shock or even Primordial Wave.

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