Mage noob with DR questions

Hey, very newbie question, trying to make sense of DRs

I understand that every CC of the same category will cause a ‘DR’ buff to the target, 50% stun, 25% stun etc

But mages make use of several spells that all appear to ‘incap’. DB, Poly, Ring of Front?

Do these spells share the same DR or no? What about the Panda racial, does it share DR? If I use Panda racial followed by Poly, will the sheep be 50%?

Dragon Breath is Disorient.
Poly, Ring and Panda Racial are all Incap. This means they will all share same DR.
Fear and blind is the same category is Dragon Breath so pay attention to it


Interesting, thank you.
So why do mages typically follow Poly with a Ring? Is it just that Ring’s default duration is so long, that the half Ring is still very strong?

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I’m not a mage expert so maybe someone in forum knows it better but I guess it’s so if the guy with poly trinkets he still can’t leave ring because he will get frozen for 4 sec if he touches it. If healer has bad position or you used smoke as rogue mage his trinket will not help then.
It also activates Disciplinary command legendary since it counts as frost spell

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In what instance do you see mages do this ? That seems uncommon to me except if you are threatened by a potential kick so that you want to queue ring of frost and spam cast polymorph in case you get kicked on frost so you still get the re-CC in time.

Half ring is same as half polymorph!

One argument to initiate your CC with ring if possible, is to proc the Disciplinary Command legendary if you run it, without having to waste the Frost Nova which is a very important and underrated tool. It also costs you one global to nova after polymorph if you want to proc it this way. Though ring of frost has a cooldown and in some teams you don’t want to waste it (pet classes, druid teams, etc.)

the typical setup for you would be to dragons breath the target into 3 polymorphs or stun by a team mate into polymorphs

I’ve seen it alot in youtube videos this expansion. Xaryu, Mitch Jones etc.

I see the mage DB, then poly, then ring, step back, and combust the same target. I wasn’t sure what the benefit was, or if they even shared the same DR

Perhaps it’s just for the legendary then? Or to prevent them from running once the poly is broke? Though usually they’d be out of the CC by the time meteor/GP hits… so I dunno

It seems that it is to proc the Disciplinary Command then, as I mentioned. To not have to waste nova or waste a global after getting the poly off!

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It’s so they can then Poly something else that’s not locked down. For example, if you Poly a DPS; Then you want to Poly the healer or the 2nd DPS; But they aren’t locked down with a stun, you can Ring of Frost the DPS instead of re- Polying him, then use Poly on the healer or whatever else you are trying to CC.

It does 2 things for you; First you cover yourself from an interrupt or stun when casting a Poly on the healer. Second; It’s a way to solo cross CC for your team; Which they can do a go off, while your healer follows up with something on the DPS or whatever it was you used Ring on, while you re-poly the healer.

Ring of Frost is not reliable unless something is stunned or can’t move. Anyone that isn’t blind will see the cast animation on the floor and step to the left or right and avoid the Ring. They can’t do the same with Poly; So it’s much easier for you to land CC on a second target.

This situation is different. You DB poly, then put a ring around them. When he tries to run and LoS when you Combust him; He gets stopped by the ring; Then suffers a 90% slow for 2 or 3 seconds after you break the CC with damage. The slow after CC comes from the “Soothing Voice” soul bind. So in this situation it’s a tool to delay them breaking LoS or getting away and avoiding your damage.

While it does proc Disciplinary Command, it’s not being cast for that purpose. This is something Mages have done to help compensate for their lack of a stun for multiple expansions. I first saw this in Legion, but it likely goes back further.

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