Mage Tower Availability Extended and Tuning Adjustments

Without borrow powers some spec feels really bad and the mage tower has mostly very hard-damaging unavoidable mechanics.

Some of the challenges even force you to heal up and dps as fast as you can in minimal amount of time that people work around it with Leech.

Definately should be nerfed. Mostly HP of bosses and unavoidable damage. I agree with Hafthor.


What this player said


Drip feeding nerfs now, not just content.

Still, this gives me time to farm SoO and level my Pandaria JC and Enchanting.


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This is a good start, is there a date when this will be implemented?
My best so far is 7% on Kruul, before I got flinged off by an infernal.

it is implemented already.




This; is the core reason why it is brokenly unbalanced.

I also made a topic about my feedback here; My First day MT experience:Reasons why new mage tower scaling is terrible.Comparing with old

I just visited old dreamgrove to see the missing powers we have from legion. The absence of artifact effect; passive things are massive.

For example ; i had rank 17 concordance of legionfall; which alone ; it’s procs give 8k versatility.(im not even counting the passives from artifact powers or legendary effects) or our big stats in legion.

Some may argue that our hp was bigger compared to this day and time. and i would agree. And it is the core problem of it.The level pruning in wow was the worst thing and it made things alot worse and balance issues harder than before. Both our hps and damage is ridiculously low in this timewalk challenge, and none of the legion powers are active in this.
Some may disagree but things are going downhill in terms ot stat optimisation since this level squish happened.

We should have been like lvl 130 now. and pumping big numbers in pve. Dying to damage should be for specific things like X hits you for % of your hp damage or smth like that.

I dont even remember in dying so easily from damage in old mage tower challenge; not even once. I was passing phases so fast that it was so fast paced and so fluent. Most of my wipes was on p3. I was eating adds like they are cookies easily. Only things that matters was the mechanics to not get knocked up or dont miss to interrupt boss.

now comparing to this day and age; people are min maxing theorycrafting ; going moonkin form to increase dps to make specific playstyle which has nothing to do original MT guardian challenge. If you tried that before you would probably fail miserably in legion and deplete your keys.

Yes, some people may say ; ‘‘oh you would like to overpower the bosses in mage tower hehe get guud’’ i would say ;YES i would.That is why i grinded m+ , that is why got so many artifact powers back in legion.Some people overpowered the MT boss with raid gears, and some people overpowered it with artifact power. I was a solo player.So I worked day and night to grind my artifact power, run from quest to quest , put my time effort and dedication to defeat the boss.Later blizzard added catch up mechanics for artifact catch up , but i was already quite ‘‘artifact fed’’ to complete the challenge so it was all and good.

and compared to today; it was ‘‘REQUIRING KEY’’ not yolo spam 50-100 times within a day. Collecting keys was quite time consuming.

Im sorry to tell this ;But i made a wide scan on the posts that are opened in these days ; and for all the elitist folks who completed it ; let me tell you the harsh truth; if a TANK challenge requiring you to get into a caster form for a majority of fight ; which was never intented to be ; that fight needs a MAJOR nerf.

How it is gonna be nerfed is on the blizzard’s decision ofcourse ; but if we want the challenge to be purely on mechanics as before; and not being affected from disabled barrowed powes ; my suggestion is to making a nerf on the hp and damage of adds and bosses and leave the mechanics as it should be before.


What a joke. -10% health nerf for Kruul while nerfing every good trinket / gem. You give back one finger but cut the arm right after doing it.

I will comeback when you actually want players to complete MT and have fun doing it.


As Supatease said: It would be so much better, if you would just template us. Disable trinkets, consumables, gems and enchants. And Balanced it off that way, class by class (to help those who functions worse without the borrowed power their spec relies so heavily on)

And if you are not doing that, then enable the conduits, SL leggos and covenant abilities. And then you can do with minor tuning.


So, about this change. In p2 how am I supposed to get aggro of them, reach them, and interrupt them at the same time of doing all the other mechanics, if they just stop right next to Velen???
I don’t know what this change was supposed to solve, as these mobs were not hard to deal with especially now with the health reduction, but I just can’t seem to protect the NPCs from them because they just stand still when they haven’t reached me yet.

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please dont forget to nerf these items/trinkets (from us forums):

Choker of the Barbed Reins (Neck) got lucky with a bonus socket

Handguards of Demonsbane (Gloves) Proc did 5% of my dps

Ghost Iron Dragonling (Trinket 1) with 2x16 Haste and 1x16 Vers Sockets

Unblinking Gaze of Sethe (Trinket 2) Proc did about 11% of my dps.

i dont want to farm those. so just nerf them and adjust bosses. so i can do it with the gear from shadowlands. yeah, thx, bb.

maybe you dont want others to have fun anymore, after all that abuse from that company…but may be just close wow then


Yeah, these challenges should have been 100% gear templated.

These nerfs don’t change the fact that the challenges require legacy gear/enchants/consumables. :frowning:


It would be nice, but Blizzard WANTS this to be a giant gold sink.


Good joke; no nerfs to any of the classes/challenges I’m ruining my existence on. Just flat out nerf everything by like 20% (hp and dmg) and disable sockets/consumables. That would maybe do something.


they keep doing this all over again and again and again since WOD…

WHY U HAVE PTR ?? FOR free advertising by streamers??/ disgusting


Have you tried to become a better person and not belittle people here in the forums?


I still remember clearly the time when some of the friendly top tier druids had said to me that ‘’ you should either get better gear or higher artifact power’’ during legion. because i was failing so hard with average dungeon gear at p3 in legion

Now i cant even down the first boss and laughing hysterically because my damage is so low and i got swarmed by infernals just because i didnt kill the first caster boss so fast.I cant bring him down below % 30. Not even second phase.It is so weird and unnatural.

Dont get me wrong, if i didnt play in legion , i would probably feel im just bad as a new player and cant do enough damage. No, i dont think so .Because im comparing it with old.It is not balanced because we dont have barrowed powers=lack of dps. Simple.

ıf the challenge of mage tower was suppose to be only mechanical check ; we wouldnt have any artifact power progression system in legion from start. And none of the solo players would ever try it because they wouldnt try it because they simply wouldnt have enough time to farm keys to do it.It was just a gear race/+ artifact power race and not getting knocked up and not missing interupts. So simple.

And for the record ; the main difficulty of mage tower was the time barrier on top of gear.Not its difficulty.You had to spend HOURS to fill your key stacks to start your farm marathons.
Sometimes you spent tons of hours perfectly simulate but still wiped just because you didnt have enough gear.But you knew you could complete it with better gear,and progress to complete it.

I think gear should have and affect on mage tower; and any player who has over 240 ilvl should ROFLSTOMP mage tower with his/her gear without much struggles regardless of class and spec. And that it how it was supposed to be similar to legion.And we need either legion or shadowlands powers activated during the run.Mage tower challenge should suppose to be fun and challenging; not rank 1 race lol.If you look at wowhead graphs ; % 32 of players have actually earned mage tower appearance in 7.2 patch.This shows how much nerfs needed before it is to be viable as a challenge content once again.


But you be little people… you’re a gnome. :thinking:

Tag two on one side with moonfire then run over to the other side to tag the other two. Then use either an orb or the disorient spell to interupt their spell. Then you need to kill them asap. Might have to interupt them a second time. My problem with this challenge is that the first boss casts Drain life way to often.


Many people used exploits and bugs and you did sht about it. What is a reward for playing fair? What is a penalty for playing with glitches? I know for sure that the reward was Felbear. The amount of healing this trinket provided and the amount of dmg that could be avoided by trap - ridiculous company you are blizzard. Zero consequences. You ban this pvp guys selling boosts but or helping other players by they own will and you are doing nothing with people using exploits also by they own will. Congratulations.

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Is it 14 minutes acceptable for the Disc Priest do you think? So much can go wrong in that time.