My First day MT experience:Reasons why new mage tower scaling is terrible.Comparing with old

Hi. AS a player who has earned old mage tower skins from past ; let me tell my current mage tower experience.(guardian)

ın legion; we had many passive damage utilities from artifact power; also we had 10 yard range from balance affinity talent(in later expansions ;then it is nerfed to 3)

We had ridiculous amount of barrowed power from artifact powers. Without artifact powers or shadowlands powers; i dont think really this is doable.(Unless you have mythic raiding trinkets i guess?)

I was a dungeon player back in legion ; and my gear was alot lower than big guys ; i was a casual m+ player that was doing 10+ 12 or smth around that.(i dont remember doing any +15 back then)

in legion ; i had around 10+ tries in my first try back in legion; in first day. ı depleted my keys and started farming keys again and meanwhile i starting looking for guides…

i started trying in another run; i tried it WHOLE DAY. Considering that my gear was average; after 50x runs , i was getting closer, but i still tried to search alot more guides.
Whooo and then let me tell you, i wasnt using buffs and consumables. i was failing terribly at 3rd phase because my damage wasnt enough.
After trying rouglhy few more runs i completed guardian mage tower while i manged to defeat it roughly about 50+ runs. (cant give rough estimation)
The problem i had was wiping at 3rd phase during legion time; almost in all my runs ; i was easily managing to get through 3rd phase but my damage was not enough to burst kull, so i tried consumables and defeated him barely. But i managed it.

ın my current guardian runs; my damage is so low that im being overrun by infernals and eyes that and cant keep up the pressure on boss.Also the eyes literally barely die from 3x moonfire hits.

Sometimes i do few mistakes and knocked from platform out. but thats ok, What my main problem is our core dps ridiculously low.Because of 0 barrowed powers. Basically it is 10 times harder than legion atm. Not to mention that we had rage of sleeper and stacked artifact power levels. We have none of them ; basically feels like naked druid tank lol.

i see players link videos of how they did it by bursting in balance form within 3-4 min videos… oh boy, i cant even get into phase 2 in 3 mins lol.Also i should mention that i have never got into balance form to complete this achive back in legion lol. This fight wasnt suppose to be this way lol.

Either im getting old, or this NEW MT is terribly badly optimised lol. i dont know.

i did more than 30-40 times in my first day, i have a terrible headache, not from wiping, but because of not being able to advance in phases. (even though i exatly know how the fight is suppose to be)

As a player who are known for being notoriously stubborn and persistent, even i got tired.
At my best, i managed to bring down the first caster boss to % 45 but after popping 3x infernals and 3x eyes on each sides ; it is almost impossible to do damage to boss.

i cant even imagine new players atm tbh lol.
ım going to slumber and do my daily activies i guess. Unless blizzard realises it is not logical to leave it this way.
GL all ,enumar out. * goes to hibernate *

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They just buffed it.

You mean it is harder to do now?

Yes, you have to be meticulous about grabbing the adds before they get to velen now or he’s gonna taste the floor. If they start casting while at him, you’ve already wiped. You could move them away before during their cast before they started channelling, now you can’t. Velen will be in melee with them after the cast and the channel starts and he will die miserably.

you know that you need to interrupt them after the cast? Do you know this? Beacuse then they will never cast again and velen is gucci!

Glhf trying to time it so it doesn’t tick on him at least once every time, including in p2.

you have to incap right after after the channel or you can pick an orb if needed when on cd. Basic mechanics in wow. this is not the first time you have to interrupt after the channel in this game. Maybe you ui is not that great and you can not see when the cast ends.

We’re playing an internet game. It’s not a single player game with no latency.

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i play with a 10-20 ms ping. i dont feel any delay at all.

Good for you. I don’t. I currently have 120+ average during the times I play the most due to congestion. With spikes up towards 300.

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