Mage Tower Availability Extended and Tuning Adjustments

Good joke; no nerfs to any of the classes/challenges I’m ruining my existence on. Just flat out nerf everything by like 20% (hp and dmg) and disable sockets/consumables. That would maybe do something.


they keep doing this all over again and again and again since WOD…

WHY U HAVE PTR ?? FOR free advertising by streamers??/ disgusting


Have you tried to become a better person and not belittle people here in the forums?


I still remember clearly the time when some of the friendly top tier druids had said to me that ‘’ you should either get better gear or higher artifact power’’ during legion. because i was failing so hard with average dungeon gear at p3 in legion

Now i cant even down the first boss and laughing hysterically because my damage is so low and i got swarmed by infernals just because i didnt kill the first caster boss so fast.I cant bring him down below % 30. Not even second phase.It is so weird and unnatural.

Dont get me wrong, if i didnt play in legion , i would probably feel im just bad as a new player and cant do enough damage. No, i dont think so .Because im comparing it with old.It is not balanced because we dont have barrowed powers=lack of dps. Simple.

ıf the challenge of mage tower was suppose to be only mechanical check ; we wouldnt have any artifact power progression system in legion from start. And none of the solo players would ever try it because they wouldnt try it because they simply wouldnt have enough time to farm keys to do it.It was just a gear race/+ artifact power race and not getting knocked up and not missing interupts. So simple.

And for the record ; the main difficulty of mage tower was the time barrier on top of gear.Not its difficulty.You had to spend HOURS to fill your key stacks to start your farm marathons.
Sometimes you spent tons of hours perfectly simulate but still wiped just because you didnt have enough gear.But you knew you could complete it with better gear,and progress to complete it.

I think gear should have and affect on mage tower; and any player who has over 240 ilvl should ROFLSTOMP mage tower with his/her gear without much struggles regardless of class and spec. And that it how it was supposed to be similar to legion.And we need either legion or shadowlands powers activated during the run.Mage tower challenge should suppose to be fun and challenging; not rank 1 race lol.If you look at wowhead graphs ; % 32 of players have actually earned mage tower appearance in 7.2 patch.This shows how much nerfs needed before it is to be viable as a challenge content once again.


But you be little people… you’re a gnome. :thinking:

Tag two on one side with moonfire then run over to the other side to tag the other two. Then use either an orb or the disorient spell to interupt their spell. Then you need to kill them asap. Might have to interupt them a second time. My problem with this challenge is that the first boss casts Drain life way to often.


Many people used exploits and bugs and you did sht about it. What is a reward for playing fair? What is a penalty for playing with glitches? I know for sure that the reward was Felbear. The amount of healing this trinket provided and the amount of dmg that could be avoided by trap - ridiculous company you are blizzard. Zero consequences. You ban this pvp guys selling boosts but or helping other players by they own will and you are doing nothing with people using exploits also by they own will. Congratulations.

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Is it 14 minutes acceptable for the Disc Priest do you think? So much can go wrong in that time.

I play a gnome in World of Warcraft.
I’m a human being. :kissing_heart:

A gnome in disguise, no doubt.

Yeah. I am only healing. I was talking to a friend who is tank. He said ‘it is just 5 minutes’. I am like… wut? The healer one is 6 phases and takes ~15 minutes when you do not wait for things like bloodlust/drums to come back. And the worst thing is it is a dps race, not a healing challenge.

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Thank you for the extension.

Getting the mount now feels a little more achievable.

This is the good part of the MT. If you can’t do it with the current gear, you can go back and get some older items to help you. Stop asking for nerfs to stuff that you obviously need to do it.

How dumb can you be? The entire point of the MT is to bring in a type of content in which current gear doesn’t matter.

I more think that is a bad thing. You should not need to know about previous expansions. I also have no idea what older items i can get to get more stats. Apparently they exist. Gear should have been templated per class.


Does it tho? They nerf everything that we farming and don’t adjust the the real content! :clown_face:;s they are, and the circus :circus_tent: feel more and more like a horror movie instead!


For the specs that I have tried, the challenge feels doable with time and patience.

I sure won’t be able to zoom through it like some of the guys have done. But I think over the 4 week period I have a good shot at it.

Of course, I would like to see some nerfs. But I don’t think it’s an impossible challenge.

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Revert the change to nether horror’s already. You should just have left them as they were.

All these 10%s combined with an extension makes me feel like we are being used to play test the content. I expect some more 10%s next weekend.

Until then I’ll be gathering a TW set for the absurd advantage it gives.

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It does seem strange to change a mechanic like that mid challenge. After players have spent a few days learning one way of doing it, to have it completely change. It really must be a throw.