Mage Tower Availability Extended and Tuning Adjustments

This! At least just make the Hp less and the the netherstorm tick less frequent. You should be able IMO to kill them in one cc on ANY gear/ level.

/10 chars

Can you explain me why Blizzard even block all old legendaries, sets and nerf trinkets? Any one can get them and players will have mroe content because they can do old raids to prepare for mage tower. Now we are in state that you need get a only specific items with sockets, that allow you compensate that overhelming MT challange.

Did person who have work on MT even played it?


Doable yes, but worth absolutly not!

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I’m wiping in ways I never did before the change, I can’t move them as I want to now. Had kruul pretty much dead BUT HEY-HO, NETHER HORRORS DON’T MOVE WHEN CASTING. Good bye velen. Prior to this change they would have moved towards me instead of standing by him when they start channelling.

Really dumb change.

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Yeh, essentially. They have changed the tactics of the fight, mid-fight, for all the players who have put countless hours into learning the mechanics, it’s a really dumb change.

It might have been to help people, but its probably thrown just as many. It probably would have been better to leave that one until the Tower goes into hibernation

I’m just going to call it quits now unless they revert this change or just nerf it to hell. This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen. I keep wiping to the mobs staying by velen while casting now. Holy…



I don’t know about that. I do find the mount some what appealing.

If it were another re-colour of the Unicorn Charger mount, I would have different feelings.

Like someone said earlier, it’s a start. However it’s not nearly enough! The mage tower was built around Legion characters with Legion powers. We don’t have that anymore.

Today our characters are built around covenants and legendaries… Removing them gives us merely an empty shell with basically nothing to give.

It doesn’t work and the tuning should be heavily looked over.
This is a disaster.


You get set for challange, mount is reward for all challanges, and even then it is not worth because I had over 500 other mounts that looks really good. Also each shop mount looks better. So challange is worth less than 25 euro.

It is fun right

No, I’m just gonna stop playing blizzard games I think. It just makes me frustrated even playing them due to how tone deaf and slow they are. First they implement overtuned heroes in OW and do nothing about them for ages, then they buff them. Then in hearthstone, they implement a hero that will hit the whole lobby for like 70 damage first time his hero power is in play unless they’re playing really bad or were really unlucky and then 105ish next time. What do they do about him? THEY BUFF HIM.

Then now in WoW? They make the already hard encounter, that I almost beat yesterday, A LOT HARDER. WHY? BECAUSE REASONS.

This is honestly getting too much for me to deal with over all their games.


+2 weeks on the tower… nice! Should be enough not to stress myself and leisurely do all encounters once for the book. gj Blizz! xD

good start still need more
how bad is it if you on arms war get frozen+few frostbolts on xylem and die on 97% boss hp
or god queen as ret to die after 43 seconds while only getting her to 93%
our damage vs boss dmg and their big health pools cant be compared
exactly what “challenge” are you talking about?

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Do/did you cleave?

Yes, I am fully aware of what the challenge is.

Nice, which one is your favourite?

Sadly, this is true. But not all the Shop mounts are too my taste. But the Kitty definitely is.

Still not putting me off getting another one.

No, but I feel it’s worth my time and patience, since there is nothing else to do in the game at the moment :slight_smile:

If the challenge isn’t for you, don’t do it :slight_smile:

There are several 1 shot abilities that you have to avoid in the ret challenge, they won’t nerf those to not be 1 shots, so best to avoid them.

i did not but it was not that which one shot me
it was being not quick enough to soak second rune
curious how is the prot pala challenge? i believe it was kruul for all tank specs

Those were always one-shot, so they won’t change that.

Probably alpaca, but I’m not using it often because it is land mount and most of time I’m using mount that work with currently transmog.