Mage Tower

I have spent around 8 hours and around 2500 gold on repairs today doing only one thing. Mage tower.
And got literally nothing for it. No progress even.

Well, it wouldn’t be a problem if that “challenge” was just one little thing that I just do and move on. But I found it literally impossible. No amount of guides could prepare me for it.
I find the Zandalari bear form ugly. At least from behind. I didn’t play Druid in Legion, nor did I have this character, obviously. If there was a way to get some discount version of the bipedal bear form, even if it was without a texture and with a huge bar code on the back like the joke in Futurama, I’d take it. Rather that than the hardest content in the game. I can’t compare if it was harder in Legion or now. But this is beyond absurd. I didn’t count my deaths, but the number is gonna be around 200. 1% of those deaths were from damage. 4% of them were from Velen dying. And 95% of them were from being kicked by one of the infinitely spawning ads from the tiny platform. How is that a fair challenge? Everything can kick you, and you always fly a half the entire island distance. If at least I didn’t get my gear damaged by falling, it would be less outrageous. Because like this I literally only loose. There is no other grind in the game where you are not gaining anything on the way.
Only 4 times did I ever get to phase 2. One time I was kicked to my doom in the first second, the other time 10 seconds after that, and the last two times I died to damage. Nowhere near finishing the boss. And it’s simply not possible to learn and exercise my skill in what to do in this 2nd phase, because I can only get to the second phase once every hour, and only for few seconds at a time.

I doubt trying to get gear will help, since literally every piece I wear, no matter the quality, is scaled to 120. So that’s not gonna help. Also, the game doesn’t tell me that I need more gear.

Could you Blizz please make it so that either:

  • dying in the Mage Tower doesn’t destroy your gear
  • or tone down the ridiculous kickback? I haven’t experience that much kickback to bottomless pit in any other part of the game over the countless years playing it. Feels more like a Sonic game if you ask me. And not the well designed one at that.

I have learned that it will be available even outside Legion Time walking. At least that releaves the deep frustration I feel.
My problem with it is not it being hard. But being punishing. In all other types of content, there was always even slight progress. Even the worst horrific visions awarded you with some little currency. Even when you wanted to level up in the worst open world populated questing areas where you were constantly killed by the other faction before the ability to turn off PvP was added to the game, there was a chance to slowly corpse run, or try to log in in different times of the day. But this has literally no way to help you progress, until you completely finish it. It only takes away your gold. All gear will be scaled down, so there is no point in preparing by farming anything and trying later.

I guess maybe I should farm some really cheap gear that will not cost so much to repair…

I get that your post was probably a vent one but I’d like to offer some help anyway to make it somewhat easier ^^

First of all: Your issues are likely the infernals, one way to deal with them would be to just look out and try moving as much as possible outside of their frontal. For example if the infernal is coming from your front left try moving in a way that the line from it wouldn’t hit you or wouldn’t throw you out.

Try doing your best to respond if you get thrown out, you have at least 1 charge and one interrupt that can charge you back in if you react on time. Try doing that.

Play with your talents, find a build that supports your style. Don’t be afraid to stun/root/use orbs to make your life easier(while also saving these things up for phase 2, yes there is a phase 2).

  1. The eyes also knock back. Always face them and try to moonfire them asap. (Their knockback only works if they finish their cast while you’re not facing them).

  2. Gear. Yes, getting specific gear actually helps, it’s a small dps buff and nothing that will prevent you from dying to knockbacks. It can, however, help you beat the dps check if you’re struggling. Getting items from Siege of Orgrimmar and putting gems in can be around 10-20% main stat increase, getting trinkets from raids /dungeons from Siege of Orgrimmar and onwards can also make it easier.
    (Edit: You can get consumables, I’d imagine getting something like drums would be really helpful for a burst phase, like p2, there are also flasks, but don’t waste your resources/gold on food if you keep wiping. Same for drums, get a few when you think it’ll help you push through a phase/the kill)

  3. Phase 2. This is way more hectic and you’ll wipe there quite a bit as well. Learn how to play around with your defensives so you can withstand annihilations while managing all the old mechanics and Kruul’s new ones. (They are a few but punishing) This is where gear can help you finish faster but it’s not something that will save you unless you step your game up.

  4. Keep trying. You said 8 hours in a row. I assume you got mad in those 8 hours too. Don’t do this. Once you start getting really mad, take a break, take it slow, chill out a little, go back or do something else. After some time has passed and you’ve cleared your head a lil, do it again, you’ll do better. If you keep wiping think of things you can do better. Experiment timings, uptime on boss, different ideas like always going into moonkin form for convoke the spirits, for example. Or bring the adds with the boss and try to nuke them down together to save time while also keeping an eye on your incap roar or something else in case you don’t take them down before they start casting.

It’s okay to ask for help too. Maybe you’ve made a friend or two in game, see if they did it, see what they did. Having a different perspective can make that challenge easier. You can absolutely do it, I believe in ya.

The character I cleared it as a few days back. If any info from her armory will help.

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