Mage tower

Just managed to beat the demo warlock mage tower and boy does that get your blood pumping and hands shaking.

I would love for a new expansion of that style of solo content.

I like that you get some Tmog for it as well!


Congratulation :partying_face:

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yes we need activities like this in game, also more difficult content + blizzard has to realize we have to get cool, UNIQUE rewards, to be motivated to do them, instead of cheap recolours like we kept getting in df…

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True, it was a fun couple of hours. The fact their are so many more to do as well shows how much effort went into that as a piece of content.

I think having some cool transmogs and mounts is a good reward. Not sure what else I’d want.

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Dont worry, next expansion you will get the same mage tower with the same mechanics just for lvl 80, so you can enjoy it again.

I also wish for more challenging content

Hunter Tower

Gratz, i completed all warlock towers when legion was current, is there any incentive to do it again as the same class?

Concerning this type of solo content, i guess delves will include uber difficulties that’ll drop some cosmetics

Regarding incentive. Would be cool if they added recolours of raid tier sets as completion rewards to keep it relevant for those who like transmog. They could update it and add a new set to the pool for each raid launch. Maybe a couple of new colours for each set like PvP and raiders get. It is an incentive to go back and do it and would also be an opportunity for more colours of the current raid set which is always nice.

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