Magni bronzebeard turning to diamonds

Yesterday I earnt my drawfs heritage Armor during the ql you travel to old ironforge a place I’ve never been to I became intrigued by its history so I’ve been reading up on the lore and the lore on magni.

But I was wondering was there an ingame video showing magni turning to diamonds or the things leading to it I really want to see it but I don’t know if it exists or if there even was one.

Was there and if so can anyone link it.

Many thanks

the thing itself happened in the book “The Shattering”

so of course, it is not in the game, because most relevant stuff of the story is not, because that would be good game design

although i dare to believe, that there was a questchain that brought us down to his statue at some point during cataclysm, but i dont think seeing him turning was a part of it


Not that i think it’s better to have lore outside the game, but I’d love to hear your solution to put hundreds of pages worth of lore into the game without turning it into a terrible experience.

I for one don’t have any. Books are a better medium for lore than in game animations and you can’t just put a quest telling you what happens in the Book because it would spoil readers.

For the time being it’s a win win. Blizzard expands the lore through letting an author write Book about the content they are looking for, waste no dev time and may even attract new players to the franchise. Gonna be hard to offer a better solution than that.

It was part of the Cata pre-patch.

If I recall we did see him turn to diamond in game. There was a quest chain that sent you into old Ironforge where you watched him perform a ritual to try and find out what was going on with all the elemental invasions and stuff.

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You’re forgetting, that of about 300 pages book, you can cross out at least 200, because it only describes feelings and movements, without contributing to the actual story.
as how to implement it - quests, duh? How many pages do you think the ICC storychain could have filled? That could easily have been a book by itself.

You do realise, that technology actually has the opportunity, to make you more immersed in the lore, yes?
It is not just “animations”, it’s voice acting and you actively taking part in shaping the lore. The reason why you might think, that books are better, is probably because you have not played a game other than WoW in many years and WoW does a terrible job at story telling and immersion, partly also because things like especially the mouth animations are just so very much way over the top and also, how quests texts are presented to us.
Storyline is an addon that enhances that experience massively already, dont even want to imagine how much better it could be, if blizz themselves would invest some bloody resources into something like that.

Take a look at ESO for example, much better immersion and story telling. FFXIV is just superb at it aswell.

They can utilize scenarios way more for the story and that would enhance it massively aswell. That last part of the Jaina questchain where you pull her out of that other world? That was the only part of the story, that cought my interest, but it did that firmly.
The last part of the questchain where you saved thrall back in cata? Horry crab, that is staying in my memory and the overall questchain could easily have filled an entire book worth , if combined with events that happened juuuuust after the Shattering book.

But back to this specific example. Can you really not imagine how cool it would have been INGAME to be on this quest to gather all the incredience needed for the potion magni drank? Grab all the stuff, go there and attend in a cinematic as he drank it and then watch how he turned, screaming his lungs out until they became immovable diamond? Can you really not imagine that scene?
Instead of getting cinematics ala “Oi, our big spaceship just shot a hole into the wall of antorus, HYPUUUUU”

Or if there is a scene that only one of the stories main characters is doing on their own - we have enough quests already, where we take over another persons body, why can’t thjat be the case with story quests either?

And you know what would be even another advantage of having, especially the in-between expansion stories, this in the game? It would counter-act the content draughts we have towards the end of every expansion!

And your argument, that we cant have both is flawed.
Warcraft 3 was out before the rise of the lich king book,
so we already knew the majority of what the book was about
didn’t keep me from enjoying it.

I actually thought i remembered that too, but i couldn’t find any reference on wowhead or youtube, soooooo i kinda believe, that i am confusing that with something else. The only thing that i found was, that we were sent to check on him after he already turned

Any part involving the players can’t be turn into the Book tho, unless you use some really lazy writing like “adventurers did that”. Books on the other hand allows blizzard to expand the lore with stories they wouldn’t have either the will or the means to tell in WoW. Easier to ask a writter to add depth to the lore than increase the workload of your teams working on more pressing matters.

I should have done most of ESO quests & storylines up to the Morrowind xpac i think, while having played to a few other games which did a better job than WoW. Still doesn’t explain why you’re talking about it in a lore medium argument but hey, you do you.

Books are a better medium than quests or cimetatics because they allows the author to further develop the story through different point of vues, timelines, the characters thoughs and overall being less restricted than a questline or cinematic. There’s only so much ressources Blizzard will put into storylines and cinematics each patch/expansions so not having to worry about the lenght of a story is great.

As for the older content, i don’t think they had the technology to make animations as easely as they do now. Guess they made it for WoD but may be wrong about this one.

Both of which were years appar and the LK lore was in full swing with WotlK. Would you read the Book a few hours after completing W3 Frozen throne for the first time ? I’m pretty sure knowing everything that would happen in the Book would greatly reduce your motivation to read the book.

If the questline or cinematic is good enough, the Book becomes obsolete. I doubt the writter would be happy about it.

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