Main tank LF guild to M+/HC raids

Hello guys,

I am 29yo french guy, I am looking for some friendly people to push m+ keys (aiming for 3k, i’d rather do it on vocal) and HC raids.

I play since wotlk (with some on/off, some longer than others :P), I main tank since MoP.

Currently, i have:
Paladin tank 483 2k7 (Veeslapal-Ysondre)
Dh tank 476 2k5 (Veesladh-Ysondre)
Monk heal 481 2k4 (at this point, you can guess it)

And some other (dktank, rogue, mage, discipriest)

ATM only my rogue (Veeslarog) is on Silvermoon. I’ll transfer the others as soon as I am convinced

Veesla#2349 if you want to add me and talk

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