Majordomo Respawned

So, we cleared MC up until Rag yesterday. Today we went to Rag and tried to fight him, but Domo was nowhere to be found. We sent our rogues to scout and they found him active with his adds very much alive.

Did we accidentally layer abuse?

Tickets are of course opened, but we’re very much unsure if we’re allowed to kill him. Of course it’s also quite an issue since we can’t kill rag now, without killing domo first.

Edit. Did you go to ragnaros right after or not?
I remembered that there was respawn issue if you did not talk/meet him later in vanilla.

Seems so. They won’t punish you for abusing it, since they have do nothing for those who been doing it whole time. Streamer been streaming that and no actions from blizz.

Never wondered how there are so many with MC gear?
They found how to duplicate that bug on purpose and blizz has done nothing about it.

Although I remember in vanilla majordomo spawning back was a thing but chest did not appear even if you killed him again.
Only on cases that you don’t meet him at ragnaros after you kill him, if I recall right.

But unlike back then, people say chest spawns each time with loot.

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We killed domo yesterday evening and decided to stop for that evening and start again, today, with Rag after getting fire resistance buffs from BRS.

A different person, who was in our raid created the raid today, perhaps that might’ve caused an issue, but it shouldn’t, since took part in every kill from our ID.

Well you have to kill him again but there should not be chest this time.

I somehow recall that on those cases when you killed him and quit right away it was enough for someone to talk him/go there and there were no adds with him and he was in submitted state. But as with everything, bugs exists.

Not yet 60 myself due altholism and haven’t done that stuff in decade so memory is bit hazy but I seem to remember moment when rest went to afk at ragnaros and sent hunter/rogue to majordomo when raid had gone on break after killing majordomo and all hs/portal out to do other stuff for hour/two and then coming back to just kill ragnaros.

But bosses respawning due layer bug is a thing also.

So if my memory serves right, there are two options. But in anyway there won’t be punishments by blizz even if you get second chest. (As is case with other respawn cases that provided more loot)

After you kill majordomo you have 1 hour to kill rag before he respawns and you have to kill him again without loot. If he drops loot on the second kill it’s a bug/exploit.

Yeah he automatically respawns if you down down Rag within an hour and you have to kill him again (but he doesn’t drop loot).
If he drops loot again then it is an accidental layer exploit and I wouldn’t loot it if I were you.

We had to kill him a second time too. Pretty annoying.

As above. If you don’t kill raggy within an hour, you have to kill domo again with 0 loot, it’s him who spawns raggy and times out.

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