Make Dungeon gear drops at 480 item level - Veteran track, please

Why didn’t Blizzard make dungeons drop 480item level gear at Veteran track?
It is much more convenient as getting them only from World Content and Looking for Raid difficulty is a bit dull, and not fun(so to say). I just got my alt from 460 to 465 barely, and I reckon it could go higher but I got 4 of the same cloaks, and then 2 of the same boots… xD

Making dungeons drop 480 ilvl would be perfect as then you could upgrade them using the same crests you get from Heroic dungeons and then slowly creep into M0 and M2s.

Is this too much, or am I missing something?

Damn you are lucky :(. I could use boots in my dh - 505 itlv and still runing with last season 480 boots :stuck_out_tongue:

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