Make icon borders nicer please with next expansion

hey, idk if this is the right place to suggest something like this but regarding the UI overhaul and continuing improvements being made i’d like to also see a nicer border on buff/debuff frame.

Also the buffs and debuffs on target/focus frames. Its still the very old, not so nice looking icon borders. The action bar got an update which looks good and would be cool if we got that for all other icons too.

if this is wrong here ill post in the war within section


Grab Masque

Guapabee has all the right to ask for a revamp of icon borders. It is a part of the UI that as not been revamped aside the little arrow to hide over 10min buffs and it could benefit of a touch of polish as this is pretty much still the same it was in vanilla.

Doesn’t mean it’ll be done, but asking for it is legit. It would be better to have a nice polished and practical default UI instead of requiring tons of addons to change everything wrong. Speaking of myself, the new UI from DF made me drop a bunch of Addons.

And this comes from someone who’s so in favor of addons that i’m doing my own. I just think that any new UI feature that makes an addon be redundant is a step in the right direction, as those who developed those addons considered there was such a flaw in a part of the UI design they decided to learn by themself a whole programming language to provide a fix (LUA is not a common language used by programmers those days). I would be happy if Blizz could provide an official fix that would replace my own addons.

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