Make Shadowy Duel counterable

Trinket, dispell, anything. The way it is now it’s just obnoxious.


this ability do be kinda broken if used correctly. You can Aoe heal through it but it feels like a very cheap gimmick in some situations.

9.1 was the perfect time to prune it

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How much counterplay an offensive duel has depends massively on your comp.

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Yeah, my warrs always die 100-0 in it and I can’t do anything lol… maybe I should play blind vs rogues and blind - would that go tthrough the duel?

How the hell can a warrior die in a duel from 100-0? This makes mathematically no sense

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Yeah, blind goes thru duel: )

Well actually if it’s not on the Hunter using Flare is kind of a counter because Duel kills are typically used with Flag Vamish for the crit, which Flare denies.

I’ve maybe faced one Hunter this entire season who knew he could use his ability that way though, and I’m not even sure it was on purpose, maybe some reflex due to the Rogue disappearing on his screen.

I am not certain but if you played Holy then I believe your teammate retains your Aura, so you need Devotion up and Aura Mastery. Paladins don’t have many more answers. It’s possible that the beacon heal transfer works so you may try healing yourself, although you need instants available for your partner if he lives so… but yeah Paladins don’t have a ton of tools to manage Duel. Playing Blind just for this… idk. If you were playing War Hpal the Rogur has nothing else to Cloak anyway, he’ll just duel with every CD and Cloak it too.

Nah, they were busy deleting all the boobs and female related stuff in wow.

I’m an idiot prot player ;p

2200 mmr warrs dying in single duels every time. idk man

In battle I guess?
he can d stance and ignore pain when he is almost no longer in Dr, I guess it does the job (except if rogue as all cd ready but Idk).

Afaik many aoe things counter duel but unsure if its everything aoe ie not sure legsweep/warstomp do but the aoe fear/blinding light/radiance do. Dunno the spell is dumb and shouldnt exist imo

You can counter it with defense abilities.

Well then, yes, you can’t do much vs Duel unless you use Blind or pre Valkyr your friend.

You can also ask your friend not to trinket anything else. If the Rogur keeps his burst + duel your ally shouldn’t have to trinket ever as there will be low damage, or at least damage that you can heal.

I know some warriors can’t resist trinketing any CC when they use Avatar, but he should be patient.

I’ve seen my share of those at 2.5 haha :slight_smile:

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