Make the rare drop sets of dragonflight easier to get or via a high priced currency

Is it just me or the sets from rares within the dragon isles barely drop, I don’t mean the citadel breaker set, which can be bought via gold on the AH, I’m talking about the Drakeender’s Battlegear( the plate variant), some pieces, looking at the wrists drop from what’s written on wowhead only from a specific boss on a specific elemental invasion and it has a 2% drop too…

Since the xpac’s almost done, would it be ok to atleast make all rares have the same lootpool when it comes to these sets? if not atleast put a cost to it, maybe elemental overflow or dragon isles supplies, even gold would be ok, I’m not saying to free gift the drops, just assist in harder to get sets, like how the naxx update allows for, overall, an easier time getting t3 sets.

and for clarification, I’m not talking about the recolor of the elemental invasion sets, the ones that can be obtained from the waking shore, no, I’m talking about the leveling gear recolors, easier to verify what set I mean is by going in the collection tab for plate users and go to Wyrmforged battlegear> Drakeender battlegear

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