<Malum> - [Kazzak] 9/9 HC raiding guild is recruiting!

Hello dear reader,

Malum is a newly formed 9/9 HC raiding guild composed of many returning players to WoW. We are currently recruiting to the best of our ability to conquer heroic and potentially mythic content in the future! We are a friendly community from all across the world that enjoy banter as we progress through current tier content!
We also run M+ keys regularly and do transmog and collectable runs

Raid Schedule: Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday | 20:00 - 23:00 GMT+1

If the guild interests you and/or you have any questions, don’t hestitate to ask in this forum, or in-game via mailbox or whisper and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible :smiley:

Hello guys!

I am looking for a casual guild. I am looking to play pretty chill because I am working full time and just want to make some new friends to play with. I am a Fury Warrior, ilvl 471, and M+ Score is 2.5. I also have pugged the first 6 bosses on Heroic Raid. I do not consider myself a good player, I am more likely an average one at best. I am still figuring out how Fury works and am a returning player. I played the whole legion as an Arms warrior, so I am still learning the Fury specialization. I see my M+ endgame as doing +23 to +25 at best, and I see my Raid endgame as doing at least the first 3 best-case 4 bosses on Mythic. I usually play at night, 2 to 4 hours a day. If you feel like I could be a good addition to your guild as a casual player, please feel free to hit me up.

Best wishes,

Hello Petruger,
I am appreciative that the guild interests you. We are a guild composed of veterans aswell as casuals and we would love to have you among our roster :smiley: You will receive a Mail in-game which gives out some details on which officers you can contact that will be able to invite you.


I am a shadow priest looking for a raiding guild. I haven’t raided since Shadowlands Castle Nathria where my progress was 5/10M. I also raided back in Cataclysm Dragon soul 6/8HC. My ilvl is 425 right now and I don’t have any experience in Amidrassil right now.
I have returned to the game after a break today and am looking to join raiding asap.

Hello Funx,
Sounds great, I, like many others in the guild are also returning players ever since the blizzcon announcement two months ago :smiley: I will send you the same information in-game via mail


I’m looking for a new guild to call home, I do play a lot on the daytime though, do you know if you have active daytime Members on weekdays? I’m fairly casual and pug most M+/raids but a nice community to fall back on would be lovely!

Hey Zugchi,

we do have a healthy guild playerbase active on all days usually ranging around 5 to 20ish players on at the same time and usually more than that on raid nights. We also have a couple of m+ pushers if that strikes your fancy.

Hey there,

I’m looking for a more active guild at the moment.
Currently sitting at 9/9HC, and looking for some people to push a bit of M+ with and just have a more active community.

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